What's going on Rabia?
What's going on Rabia?

"I wonder if you have ever made love to a burning house, a train wreck or a sinking ship before."

When she's not posing in gorgeous designer wear, Rabia Butt halts us in our (netsurfing) tracks with her cryptic posts on Instagram.

Take the above query, for example.

Where the [beep] did that come from, we're forced to wonder. But Rabia Butt offers us no answer and shares the next confounding nugget in her head.

Deeply philosophical and just as heartbroken, Rabia Butt's social media presence has made her the greatest enigma from Pakistan's modelling industry.

So many of her posts betray a broken heart, that we wonder about the identity of the callous man who wronged her:

The misery has clearly brought out the poet in her:

It would also explain her escapism:

Clearly, she's had it with the world:

Could her mood swings rival nature's fury?

Maybe her warning label should say 'follow at your own risk'?

Could memories of things past be what she's referring to here?

My ego constantly has a piece of toilet paper stuck to it's shoe. #rabiabutt #iamrabiabutt

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Sometimes, she's quite morbid:

Okay, maybe, more than sometimes:

But, if nothing else, these little nuggets are life lessons for the rest of us: