29 Dec, 2015

If there's one celebrity couple that's kept Bolly fans interested, it's Ranbir and Katrina.

Not only do they make a good looking pair, but the trials of their relationship make them seem like the couple next door! After all, we've been privy to Ranbir's mother Neetu Singh's disapproval of Katrina, thanks to her vocal dismissal of their relationship. And she's been known to crop Katrina out of previous family portraits.

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However, this Christmas, the couple finally made some headway as far as relationship goals go.

First, they snapped their first photo together as a couple at Shashi Kapoor's Christmas brunch:

Then Katrina got some selfie time with Ranbir's cousins, Karishma and Kareena:

And finally, she was welcomed into the Kapoor clan's family photo:

Katrina looks comfy with the Kapoor clan in this Xmas party photo – Photo courtesy Filmfare
Katrina looks comfy with the Kapoor clan in this Xmas party photo – Photo courtesy Filmfare

Sitting with Karisma's daughter Samaira in her lap, a smiling Katrina looks comfortable and at home in the photo.

Kat-Ran fans may take this as a sign that their relationship seems to have been accepted by the clan. However, as Filmfare pointed out, Neetu Singh was conspicuous by her absence.

All we can say is fingers crossed!


a Dec 29, 2015 02:58pm
She's the most naturally beautiful girl you would ever find. He's charming and smart as well. Neetu and Rishi were my favourite actors from that generation. Katrina is a very bad actor for Hindi movies though. Not her fault if people are paying her millions just for her looks. She's is just doing her best. In fact, if there is ever an authentic English movie made in India, Katrina would be the automatic choice for the female lead. She is strikingly intelligent and very good with English. Sadly, nobody watches Indian English movies so nobody makes them either.