Metallica hints that a new album is on its way after a long absence

Metallica hints that a new album is on its way after a long absence

The upcoming album would be Metallica's first since 2008's "Death Magnetic".
Updated 25 Dec, 2015

NEW YORK: Metallica, one of the most influential acts in heavy metal, has hinted that a new album is getting closer after a gap of nearly a decade.

In a holiday video sent to Metallica fans, frontman James Hetfield offered season's greetings from inside a studio before guiding the paws of his cat to hit play on a recording.

Fans had the chance to listen to 15 seconds of unmistakable Metallica with a thrashing rhythm guitar line and an indecipherable lyric in Hetfield's raspy voice.

The video, sent to fans on Tuesday, immediately renewed speculation that a new Metallica album will come soon — the first since 2008's "Death Magnetic."

When Metallica played in Canada in September, drummer Lars Ulrich told Le Journal de Quebec that the new album would come out in mid-2016.

But lead guitarist Kirk Hammett later told Buffalo, New York radio station WEDG that the album could "at the very worst" arrive in early 2017.

He said the album would be along the lines of "Death Magnetic," which was considered a return to Metallica's heavy roots after periods of experimentation.

Metallica in the 1980s helped create the thrash metal genre, known for its aggression and focus on musicality as opposed to the more flamboyant and pop-influenced glam metal acts.

The California-based band has only one show scheduled in 2016 -- a concert in San Francisco on the eve of the city's turn hosting the Super Bowl, American football's championship game.


Imran Haider Dec 25, 2015 01:59am
Wod be great to see a Metallica album once again. However, their sound was at its best in 'Load' and The Black Album. Anything other farther away from it would not be their signature sound. I dread another album like St. Anger, and to some extent, even Death Magnetic.
Hassan Dec 25, 2015 02:31am
Metallica has been a personal inspiration for me all my life. When I arrived in the States in the late 90's to pursue higher education, it was Metallica, Alice in Chains, STP, Tool, Guns n roses, Pantera, and many other awesome bands that kept my spirits high and served as motivation.... Sad though, their best days are behind em, will def. listen to Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets today to pay tribute
Ramsay Dec 25, 2015 02:35am
I'll download it
Ali Dec 25, 2015 12:33pm
Any links ?