Are people's perception of justice warped by a perpetrator's celebrity status? Not as much as we think.

The Bombay High Court's latest verdict, which clears Bollywood actor Salman Khan from the hit-and-run charges against him, has us thinking that the public isn't that swayed by his celebrity.

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In 2002, Salman Khan's SUV crashed into a group of homeless men in Mumbai in 2002, after which the the actor and his companions fled the scene. In May 2015, Khan was charged by the Bombay High Court with culpable homicide and handed a five-year sentence. But the BHC has now acquitted Salman of all charges as the 'prosecution failed to establish its case against the star', reported Times of India.

Most people were bent on calling a spade a spade:

Other couldn't resist the opporutnity to take potshots at the star and his fans:

Some felt they had to bring NaMo into the mix:

A few had some lingering questions in mind:

But he forgets that in 13 years, they could never 'establish' that!