Salman may be a free man now, but is he still a hero? Twitter isn't so sure

Salman may be a free man now, but is he still a hero? Twitter isn't so sure

The Bombay High Court acquitted Salman Khan of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case that killed several homeless men
Updated 10 Dec, 2015

Are people's perception of justice warped by a perpetrator's celebrity status? Not as much as we think.

The Bombay High Court's latest verdict, which clears Bollywood actor Salman Khan from the hit-and-run charges against him, has us thinking that the public isn't that swayed by his celebrity.

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In 2002, Salman Khan's SUV crashed into a group of homeless men in Mumbai in 2002, after which the the actor and his companions fled the scene. In May 2015, Khan was charged by the Bombay High Court with culpable homicide and handed a five-year sentence. But the BHC has now acquitted Salman of all charges as the 'prosecution failed to establish its case against the star', reported Times of India.

Most people were bent on calling a spade a spade:

Other couldn't resist the opporutnity to take potshots at the star and his fans:

Some felt they had to bring NaMo into the mix:

A few had some lingering questions in mind:

But he forgets that in 13 years, they could never 'establish' that!


Gurjeet Brar Tohada Parona Dec 10, 2015 03:21pm
killed one, injured 5 and still a hero!!!
JANVI Dec 10, 2015 03:49pm
he is not a hero but a bigg zero for me....
S. Ahmad Dec 10, 2015 04:53pm
When you drive a car you can make mistake and that can even cause death. But what do you do when you make an accident? First you do everything to take the victim for medical care, leave no stone unturned to save a life and the face the consequences with courage and being 100% percent honest to narrate everything. Only a scoundrel run away killing a fellow human being. This man may be the most successful actor on earth but to me, he is nothing but a murderer.
Divergence Dec 10, 2015 05:03pm
Such celebrities are never heroes, they shouldn't be , a criminal is always a criminal.
AamAdmi Dec 10, 2015 05:34pm
There is one, who can see through all this. Justice is not over yet.
M.Saeed Dec 10, 2015 05:47pm
Fortunate to have his body-guard made permanently inaccessible by the nature and saved Salman. Body-guard was the first informant in the 2002 case against him and was the crucial witness on whose testimony about Salman's speeding, the prosecution had rested its case,
xpakistani Dec 10, 2015 05:50pm
If Salman did it and then got himself cleared falsely then he is a characterless person. Only God will decide. You can escape the worldly justice but not God's justice.
Agha Ata Dec 10, 2015 08:04pm
I hope Salman Khan paid heavily to the victims and their loved ones.
Munir Dec 10, 2015 08:56pm
Law is based on facts (witnesses, internal and external evidences, expert opinions and interpretation of written law). Since Salman is a celebrity does not give anybody a right to resort to rumors and character assassination. If anybody has any evidence, go to court. Blabbering online does not make one a Judge and Jury.
Pk Dec 10, 2015 09:01pm
It shows the money can buy freedom in india
wellwisher Dec 10, 2015 09:10pm
it is unfortunate that Salman has avoided punishment by using his status.Has the judge ever thought about poor,homeless people killed and injured by rash driving Vehicle was owned by Salman and he was present in it, and restraining driver was his responsibility.
Sid Dec 10, 2015 09:12pm
Life is generally grey.Indian court follows what police provides and police is corrupt. Thats how Salman escaped. However in this entire episode if Law could have created a provision that Salman could pay a compensation to the victim's kin (without getting pardon in return, I am not talking blood money here), it would have helped the victims family. Money that was supposed to go to them has gone to police and Sallu walks free.
M.Saeed Dec 10, 2015 09:46pm
Anybody who wins against heavy odds is a hero.
mehkan Dec 10, 2015 10:54pm
No matter how much i appreciate Salman for his work, if he was involved in this crime, he should have faced the judgement in all honesty. After all karma never leaves anyone behind.
independentthinker Dec 11, 2015 12:24am
A person with no ethics, no morals, no principles, no values can never be a hero in his own eyes - let alone in other people's eyes!
Farhan Dec 11, 2015 12:54am
Justice is sold to Rich and Powerful. Middle class and poor have to scumb to failure of justice system to address the larder area of crime.
Insanely Atheist Dec 11, 2015 01:13am
@Munir If you read the judgement, the judge has made strong remarks against the shabby police work.It had made a clear message that due to technical grounds Salman Khan can't be convicted owing to unprofessional attitude of the police which handled the case.
Goutham Dec 11, 2015 01:16am
At the root of it is the fact that witnesses can be bought off :(
Goutham Dec 11, 2015 01:22am
Unless you have a blackbox in the car which records the fingerprint of the last driver you have to rely on witnesses
guest Dec 11, 2015 02:08am
So is the driver going to be punished? Does anybody get punished at all? The only outcome of this is there is some redistribution of wealth - Salman poorer, all the bribed officials richer. Salman would already have made for that with his last blockbuster. Oh, the power that comes with fame and fortune!!
mohamad USA Dec 11, 2015 07:58am
Guys dont forget that in Pakistan so many get away with 1st degree murder after paying ' Qasas & Diat'... forget the many who are killed on the road in traffic accidents. Sure he is doing best to take care of the victims. Give him a break.
siraj syed Dec 11, 2015 09:14am
There are millions of human beings killed everyday in Middle East and rest of the World everyday, nobody is bothered, but Mr Salman Khan has accidentally killed four people in the night (who should not have slept on the pavement) and probably most of the public want action taken against Mr Salman. I appreciate the verdict by the Bombay High Court, but I also will appreciate if Mr Salman Khan donates sufficient money to the family of the deceased and victims.