Cinema can't directly help curb terrorism, says Kabir Khan

Cinema can't directly help curb terrorism, says Kabir Khan

However Khan, who directed Saif Ali Khan-starrer Phantom, says cinema can help raise certain questions
23 Nov, 2015

Though he's directed films which address the topic of terrorism, director Kabir Khan has said that cinema really can't help fight terrorism. Khan, whose film Phantom sparked intense debate said it's not mandatory for all filmmakers to view cinema in this regard.

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“Cinema can’t be carrying crusades; it is ultimately the individual filmmakers. If I feel strongly against terrorism then I will express it. But I don’t know if I will try and muster more filmmakers into making films against terrorism . A lot of films are being made about global terrorism,” Kabir said in an interview during the International Film Festival of India.

"Cinema can help in making people think about issues and discuss and debate. It helps in throwing up certain questions. But it can’t directly help in fighting terrorism. I think that would be giving cinema a lot responsibility," he added.

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan director also said that the action in his film was never aimed at glorifying violence: “… Yes there is a lot of violence being used in Bollywood films and sometimes it glorifies it in a certain way. It is a very tricky space. Sometimes to appeal to the youth, you can easily cross the line and go into a space where you would rather not venture. Ultimately, it is left to individual filmmakers to decide where he or she draws the line.”