Ghulam Ali's Delhi concert has been cancelled – Photo courtesy
Ghulam Ali's Delhi concert has been cancelled – Photo courtesy

Legendary ghazal singer Ghulam Ali's concert in India has been cancelled for a second time in a month, as his upcoming performance in Delhi on November 8 has been postponed, reports NDTV.

After Shiv Sena forced the cancellation of his concert in Mumbai last month, Ghulam Ali was invited to perform in Delhi by the Aam Aadmi Party.

Shiv Sena was reported to have threatened to disrupt Ghulam Ali's Delhi show as well, but the the Aam Aadmi Party government had promised extra security at the event.

While NDTV states that Ghulam Ali cited personal reasons behind the cancellation of the November 8 event, CNN-IBN reports that the singer is upset at the politics being played.

According to CNN-IBN, Ghulam Ali claimed that he is upset over how political parties were trying to score brownie points by not letting him perform in India.

Ghulam Ali has cancelled all his scheduled concerts, including later performances in Lucknow on November 25 and in Delhi on December 3.

His statement immediately sparked a reaction on Twitter:

While some spoke in his favour...

...others resorted to Pakistan-bashing:

A previous version of the story misidentified Ghulam Ali as a qawwal. The error is regretted.