Beloved Bashar Momin couple to return in new drama 'Bheeghi Palkein'

Beloved Bashar Momin couple to return in new drama 'Bheeghi Palkein'

Ushna Shah and Faysal Qureshi play damsel and saviour in this TV serial
Updated 03 Nov, 2015

Ushna Shah and Faysal Qureshi will have us watch our childhood fairy tales all over again.

First, they brought to life the fable of Beauty and the Beast in the much-hyped Bashar Momin. Now, they are set to reprise the damsel-and-saviour trope in their upcoming TV serial Bheegi Palkein.

Beeghi Palkein is the story of a beautiful girl named Meherbano (Ushna), whose life takes a terrible turn when her husband Umer suddenly passes away.

Meherbano's sister-in-law Fareeha () adds to her troubles, as she routinely accuses her of immoral behaviour. Fareeha is jealous of Meherbano's beauty, which had also enamored her once love interest Bilal.

The drama opens when Fareeha discovers that her childhood fiance – the uncouth and illiterate Hassan (Faysal) – has had a complete turnaround, which causes her to reconsider her earlier plans to break their engagement.

But soon Hassan finds himself drawn to the beautiful young widow in his fiancee's house. Fareeha and her mother connive to degrade Meherbano in his eyes.

"We feel nostalgic but [this new drama has been] altogether a different experience," shared the duo with Images about the chance to act together again, "We have a very different take in this play and you will fall in love with our characters. They are unlike the characters we have done previously."