31 Oct, 2015

This week's selfie pick was a no-brainer; there was just too much talent in one frame!

Who's in it?

Na Maloom Afraad actor and budding host Mohsin Abbas Haider and the reigning rockstar, Ali Zafar took a selfie when Ali popped over to make an appearance on Mazaaq Raat, the show hosted by Haider.

Who looks the best?

We love Ali but if we're being honest, Mohsin takes the cake in this picture! His glasses are hip, hair is on point and we love his navy blue blazer, paired with a quirky shirt. Here's a full-length picture of the dapper ensemble:

🔱 A King Knows How To Build An Empire With The Same Stones Thrown At Him 🔱

A photo posted by Mohsin Abbas Haider (@mohsinabbashaider) on

What stands out?

Is it just us or does everyone think Mohsin's pearly whites look, well, freakishly white?

Selfie rating

Star power: One's a jack of all trades and has even made his way to Bollywood and the other was in one of the most successful Pakistani movies of all time -- these two are obviously superstars! 9/10

Angle: Men are usually not the best at taking selfies but judging from Mohsin's Instagram, we think he's a pro! The angle is not too high or too low; he managed to get it just right! /10

Lighting: They took the snap on set so it was obviously well-lit; it's almost too bright. 8/10

Blur factor: Selfies tend to be blurry but this one's a pretty sharp image; we can literally see the gel on Mohsin's hair! 9/10

Overall rating: 8.75/10


Afsana Oct 31, 2015 03:23pm
Not looks an interesting selfie.......
Asif Oct 31, 2015 04:20pm
Is he talented as well? I cant understand how "talent" in defined in this country to be very honest?
Amar Nov 01, 2015 01:12pm
Ali looks like Tom Cruise