Weekend Grub: A Nutella burger is all that was missing from your life

Weekend Grub: A Nutella burger is all that was missing from your life

A donut cut in half with a Nutella slab, cream and kiwis in the middle? Stop the madness!
30 Oct, 2015

No meal is complete without a good dessert and if you have a sweet tooth and live in Karachi, we have a new treat for you to sink your teeth into!

Where to go: Burger O'Clock

Located on Khayaban-e-Nishat, right opposite the PSO Ittehad petrol pump, the black and yellow signboard for Burger O'Clock on the edge of the lane is hard to miss.

What to order

While the burger joint has many burgers and sandwiches on the menu that are worth trying, the star is their unique Nutella Burger. It's a glazed donut with a generously thick Nutella slab in the middle as the "protein", cream as the "mayo" and kiwis as "pickles". They include other fruit depending on the season, so expect to find strawberries or pineapples as well in the future.

When to go

It's a cosy little joint with only a couple of tables, so it's more of a takeaway joint. That being said, you can go at any time between noon to 11 pm.

Damage on the pocket

At Rs. 350 a pop, this dessert is worth every penny considering the quality ingredients and how filling it is.

Pro tip: They serve the burger cold and the Nutella is frozen; it doesn't melt in your mouth the way it should. Wait a bit for it to melt or put it in the microwave for a few seconds.