India needs benevolent dictator to set it right: Om Puri

India needs benevolent dictator to set it right: Om Puri

The veteran actor believes that after a dictatorship of 10-15 years, democracy can be restored.
09 Oct, 2015

Veteran actor Om Puri didn't mince his words when he lashed out at the incumbent Indian government and said that the country needs a benevolent dictator to set it right, reported The Indian Express.

But before people could jump to conclusions and draw daggers, Puri clarified his statement: "Don’t get me wrong, but I feel India needs to earn its democratic status. Let there be a benevolent dictator, a fair and strong leader who can run this country and then, in 10-15 years, restore democracy."

The actor who has made a name for himself in both Bollywood and Hollywood was invited to Chandnigarh Press Club along with with writer-producer Santosh Bartiya and city-based actor Amit Sharma from upcoming film Hogaya Dimaag Ka Dahi, who stood by his words.

Puri also spoke at length about the need for a more progressive society: “Gandhiji said, there is enough for everyone’ need, but not everyone’s greed. Look around you… our population is 120 crore, our poverty line is shameful, there is greed and corruption, and we are all becoming selfish, careless and irresponsible citizens who don’t deserve democracy. Compare yourself to the West… how they have resurrected and progressed in spite of World Wars, and then look inwards. It’s tragic how we’ve damaged ourselves."

The actor was also disappointed that films addressing such subjects do not manage to do well at box office because of lack of celebrities and limited promotion.