Theatre: 'Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar' hits the stage tomorrow

Theatre: 'Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar' hits the stage tomorrow

Actor-model Sarwat Gillani's directorial debut, Kiski Top Kis Ke Sar, is a farcical play
Updated 30 Sep, 2015

If you enjoy theatre and would like to spend money for a good cause, then Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar is a play which might interest you this week. Starting Thursday at Karachi's Arts Council, the farcical play is spearheaded by Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP), which hopes to give the funds to our gifted athletes.

The play will also mark the directorial debut of none other than actor-model Sarwat Gillani, who shares directing credits with Zeeshan Haider.

"This is my first time as a director, but as an actor I have been familiar with the stage," Sarwat tells Images.

Given that it was her first time calling the shots, Sarwat says her experience was mostly smooth sailing:

"The experience has been great. From the pre-production to the casting and then rehearsals, it has been a wonderful ride. With the Special Olympics team, actors, production team and volunteers, it has been a comfortable feeling and time very well spent."

Sarwat Gillani during a press conference — Photo courtesy: Facebook
Sarwat Gillani during a press conference — Photo courtesy: Facebook

Instead of putting up a serious, hard-hitting play, a light comedy has been chosen. Sarwat believes this has been done to reflect the vigour and optimism of the special ones: "The reason for such a play is that when you meet these people, there is nothing sad and serious about them. They are full of life, optimism and hope. It is their energy that gives cause a life. They are humourous and light-hearted, so we wanted the subject to be as enjoyable as these kids are in real life."

She also stressed on the need for society to give space to special people instead of excluding them: "It is vital for a community to acknowledge, appreciate and encourage their kids, especially disabled ones, in order to make them feel like a part of society. It is through these plays and with the help of social media that we want to create awareness on this subject."

The comedy penned by Babar Jamal aims to create a farcical situation in a Pakistani social context involving a man trying to hide the verification of his income support status from his wife. The cast includes both new and old actors like Amtul Bajwa, Hunain Riaz, Bilal Yusufzai, Aalia Shadaab, Nazrul Hasan and Hassan Raza.

The play revolves around Junaid Shahi and his naive tenant Tanvir's attempts to keep Junaid's wife Faiza away from the truth, which challenges Junaid's authenticity as an applicant for government aid.

Munir has arrived to check on him. Will the cat be let out of the bag?

You'll find out at 7:30pm at the Arts Council tomorrow!

With a running time of two hours, the play starts at 7:30pm and has an interval of 15 minutes in between. Kis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sar will run from October 1 to October 13.

The tickets priced at Rs1000 are available at Aghas, McDonald's and Scentsation and all the proceeds will go to Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP).