Shaan Shahid. — Photo Courtesy: Shaan Shahid's Official Facebook Page
Shaan Shahid. — Photo Courtesy: Shaan Shahid's Official Facebook Page

Becoming the face of the revival of Pakistani cinema, superstar Shaan Shahid is all set to launch his official website on December 20.

Speaking to Dawn, Shaan’s publicist, Syed Noman Nazir, said that although the website is already live, it is still undergoing some changes as there is extensive data which needs to be uploaded.

“The website will officially launch on December 20 and the prime reason for launching it is to engage Shaan’s fans abroad, who want to know about his ongoing projects and details of his previous movies that are inaccessible to them,” Nazir said.

The website will have full-length films of Shaan as well as notable works of his father, Riaz Shahid.

“Many fans of Riaz Shahid sahab, living abroad as well as here [in Pakistan], requested to see his notable works like Shaheed and Ye Aman,” shared Nazir.

However, given that Shaan has done a whopping 576 films in his eventful career, it would not be entirely possible to upload all his films as it will affect the loading time of the website.

“We will upload his blockbuster films like Waar, Khuda Kay Liye, Bulandi, Nikah, Musa Khan and Sargam among others," said Nazir. "For the rest of the films, viewers will be able to find necessary data like posters, cast and trailers.”

As for his latest spy-thriller Operation 021, the film will be uploaded once it's DVD print is available.

The website will be synced with Shaan’s Twitter and Facebook accounts so his fans can reach him easily.