What Pakistanis want in 2015

Published 07 Sep, 2015 11:27am

Yumna Rafi

Hope, education, girlfriends, laughs, more Shahid Afridi, art and more.

Hope, education, girlfriends, laughs, compassion, more Shahid Afridi, art, better leaders and prosperity for the country. Pakistanis speak up about what they want from 2015.

Hassan Khan (Salesman)

Shahid Afridi has announced that he will retire after the 2015 World Cup. But we plead to him to keep playing cricket until he's alive!

Zehra Nawab (Student)

My vision for Pakistan in 2015 would be one that it appreciates the importance of education, especially that of history as a subject.

Maham Talpur (Student)

The recent tragedy in Tharparkar, all the children that died over ... I can feel their pain. People like us should go and work in these places and live like them so we can understand their difficulties.

Numair Abbasi (Student)

What I would like to see in 2015 ... I think people should start taking art more seriously in Pakistan.

Saad Haroon (Comedian)

Pakistan usually have shorter memories but it's been a really tough year. It doesn't mean it won't be a good year and we won't have laughs. But if we look at it and juxtapose it next to 2014 and just never forget the hard year we've had. In my life in 2015, I hope that I get to make more people laugh.

Sumaiya Inayat

2014 was spicy, I expect 2015 to be more subtle. It has to have the spice as well. I'm expecting to be married ... yea hope so.

Ali Gul Pir (Entertainer)

For 2015, I have lots of things that I want to do. I want to travel ... I'm releasing a song on the January 1, it's called 'Kaisa Diya'. The song is a satirical look at the entertainment industry of Pakistan. So I'm really excited for myself and for the country, I just hope less people die. That's one thing I want.

Muhammad Aftab (Security Guard)

2015 will be very good for Pakistan. I pray that our country prospers and that God puts love in the hearts of all Pakistanis.

Faraz Anwer

Maybe I will get a girl! 2015 is sort of a transition year for me.

Nadir (Jewellery Salesman)

In 2015 I hope the politicians become better. I hope they finallystart thinking of the country.

Seemin Jamal (Head of Emergency at JPMC)

I'm a very optimistic person. I feel Pakistan has a brilliant future ahead. I want to reitereate the fact that by good governance we can bring back the country together. It should never be felt that it is a failed state, it is not.

Zuhab Khan (TV Actor)

Here's wishing everyone a happy new year. In 2015, I pray that there is change in Pakistan.

Bashir Muhammad (Shop Owner)

I want to tell the people of Pakistan to be vigilant. If you see any suspicious activities, please report it to the authorities so that we get rid of terrorism in the country.

Sohail Asghar (Veteran TV Actor)

2014 gave us a lot of wounds. But the most beautiful thing God has gifted mankind is hope. I hope from God, our government and the army of Pakistan that maybe we don't suffer so much loss of life and that the government does not play politics on the blood of the common man.

Mrs Hussain

Everyone's shouting on TV! But when are we going to act? That is what we want.

Aisha Razi (TV Actor)

God willing, I hope everyone prospers. I hope the kids don't miss school out of fear, I hope all the kids go to school and those who are not enrolled all get an education.

Arsalan (Salesman)

I hope God blesses our country so much that all the people here say 'We don't want any country but Pakistan.'

Shehzad Roy (Muscian/ Activist)

Pehlay bolnay say dartay thay, pehlay bolnay say dartay thay, ab na bolain tou darr lagta hai (We feared speaking up, we feared speaking up, now the silence is our fear).

I think we will need to speak up and let our voices be heard in 2015. We will do a lot of things that haven't been done in Pakistan before. Everything maybe not for the good but that's how societies evolve. I will be producing music, but this year I will be working on a very interesting project. Ahsan Rahim is our director, Faisal Qureshi is an integral part of this project and Anwar Maqsood is writing the film which we hope to release by the end of 2015.

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