Imran Abbas is all praises for Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid

Published 17 Jun, 2021 12:11pm

Images Staff

She has proven her dedication to public service by spearheading Punjab's vaccination drive while battling cancer.

We often call out politicians and government officials when they misstep but very few people praise them when they do good. Actor Imran Abbas is one of the few and has taken to social media to share his appreciation of Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid. Dr Rashid has been spearheading the province's vaccination efforts despite fighting cancer herself and Abbas thinks that's commendable.

Abbas shared his thoughts via an Instagram post. "Pakistanis appreciate the 70-year-old Dr Yasmin Rashid for working day and night tirelessly for us while battling cancer."

The minister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.

"She has already lost her hair, her health and [is] losing her energies but still hasn't lost her passion to work for the betterment of Pakistan," he added.

He wished her a speedy recovery and said he hopes she lives a long and healthy life.

Abbas' words are welcome, and we're glad that he took the opportunity to appreciate a government official who is going above and beyond for her job. Leading the provincial fight against Covid while fighting a personal battle of such magnitude is a commendable feat and Dr Rashid's dedication to her job and service of the people must be celebrated.