Tom Cruise is back on orders in Top Gun: Maverick's trailer

Published 17 Dec, 2019 04:41pm

Images Staff

The sequel hits cinemas 34 years after Top Gun and Maverick's still got it!

Folks, he's still got it.
Folks, he's still got it.

We're getting closer to the danger zone as Top Gun: Maverick releases another trailer to hit us in the nostalgia.

The film, sequel to 1984's iconic Top Gun has Tom Cruise returning as Maverick and folks, he's still got it.

The wise-cracking pilots of the fictional Air Force unit are alive, well and performing implausible aerial acrobatics in audiences’ hearts.

Recreating a number of memorable scenes from the original, director Joseph Kosinski, who previously directed Cruise in 2013’s divisive Oblivion, seems to be banking on 80s nostalgia in lieu of showcasing the film’s plot. It's working.

In addition to Cruise, Val Kilmer reprises his role as Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky, along with a number of fresh faces, including Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller and Jon Hamm.

Top Gun: Maverick swoops into theatres June 26, 2020.