Ever since the pictures from Aladdin's shoot surfaced in December, everyone has been wondering the same thing.

Where is Will Smith's blue Genie? Also, why is Jafar so attractive?

During the Grammys 2019 we got an answer to one of those questions with a special look at the upcoming Disney reboot.

The teaser is packed with quite a few scenes but ends with what we all wanted to see, the real Genie.

From the scenes in the minute-long teaser we see some familiar moments, such as an elephant parading down the streetmaking way for Prince Ali. We also see Jasmine waking with a tiger behind her, assuring us that Raja is in the movie.

But of course, what fans were most excited for was Genie and they got it. Sort of. While Will Smith's Genie is definitely buff and blue, the CGI seems a little too CGI on him. Let's see how the film carries on.

Aladdin will hit screens May 24.