5 times Ahmed Ali Butt and his son nailed the twinning game

Published 03 Sep, 2017 01:48pm

Images Staff

Whether it's this Eid or last, this father-son duo's Instagram style slays each time!

It all started last Eid when the Butt family took their Eid family portrait to the next level and basically put Ahmed Ali Butt's son on the style radar.

Yes, we said it.

Azaan Ali Butt is not only the cutest kid on the block, but he and his father have upped their Instagram game with their twinning.

All black everything

On day 1 of Eid ul Fitr this year, the Butt family had the local media buzzing, but not because of their obvious stardom, but because the actor Ahmed Ali Butt and his son Azaan were twinning in all black. The black shalwar kameez paired with black waistcoats won people over and had us all gushing over the lil one... Ahmed Ali got the nod of approval too. Notice the matching black slip-ons too, please.

And there was no stopping the father-son duo after that.

They're called Maroon 2

Maroon waist coats? Why not! Day 2 of Eid ul Fitr saw the two in white shalwar kameez and maroon waist coats. We can hardly get over Azaan's spikes.

Going for a hat-trick

The duo opt for a simpler look on the third day of Eid, Ahmed Ali Butt and Azaan wore oxblood kurtas with white shalwars and stuck to their black slip-ons.

Green Day

If you thought you were patriotic this Independence Day, you probably didn't see Ahmed Ali Butt and his son in white shalwar kameez and matching green scarves! The two didn't limit their twinning to just Eid, they made sure they even nailed Aug 14 - which they did. Oh, and we also spot new black slip-ons!

Keeping up with the Twinning

Continuing last Eid's style tradition, the duo made a strong comeback with black waistcoats and white shalwar kameez on Eid ul Azha this year. We feel the two have a soft spot for waistcoats, but we're not complaining.

Can we get an IG account dedicated to these two, please?