No bob cut? No problem: 5 fun updos to beat the heat this summer

Why chop off your hair when you can tie it up in fun ways?
05 Jul, 2024

In case you’re struggling to let your hair down this summer, fret not because you’re not alone! The heat has rendered most of us — at least those of us who are refusing to chop off our hair — incapable of letting our hair down this summer. But that doesn’t mean we’re resorting to unkempt ponytails or sticky bangs.

To prevent ourselves — and you — from looking like shipwrecks even on the hottest of days, we’ve compiled a list of chic and practical updos to help you stay cool and stylish this summer.

From neatly tied buns to effortlessly messy ones, high ponytails to intricate braids, these versatile styles are a lifesaver in the sweltering heat — courtesy of your favourite celebrities and influencers.

Braid it, slay it!

Nothing says fun like a French braid tied into cute little space buns. You might think this’ll only look good on short hair but trust us, the longer the better. You don’t even have to tie it into buns like Ashley Seamour here, just braid it all the way and you’re good to go!

The ‘I’m running late’ bun

Not everyone has the time or energy to braid their hair every day, especially if it’s a formal occasion and you’re running late. Nicole Ciotti here has the perfect hairstyle for such situations. We like to call this the ‘I’m running late’ bun. It is quick and easy to make, especially if you have silky hair (read: you’re God’s favourite).

And you can add a cute accessory to elevate the look!

The quick claw fix

Here’s another quick and easy way to tie your hair in a neat updo. Just assemble your hair into a ponytail and create a section to pull your hair out of to make the ponytail bouncier. Then, grab a big, preferably chunky hair clip and twist and clip per your preference as Nicole did here.

A hairpin in a haystack

If your hair is like ours — wavy, frizzy and untamed — this hairstyle is for you! It’ll give your hair a personality and make you look artsy. All you need is a hair pin! Gather hair into a low ponytail for this and do as Nicole does. This might seem a little complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be your go-to hairstyle for meetings, dinners, and even grocery shopping!

Twist and bun, so much fun!

Here’s the holy grail of buns for the rich and sophisticated. Now, you don’t actually have to be rich for this, but the hairstyle will make you look like a million bucks. Just be sure to prep your hair before you make this hairstyle otherwise it won’t hold or look as neat. This is perfect for a soiree or a gala — or just hanging out with your friends.


Syed Hasni Jul 05, 2024 11:05am
Hairdressers never make good friends—- They always talk behind your back
Taj Ahmad Jul 05, 2024 12:28pm
How to have a nice hair cut at barbar shop, just tell him/her please don’t talk and just focus on my hair cut, Thanks.
M. Emad Jul 06, 2024 12:07am
BOB CUT looks beautiful & modern.
NYS Jul 08, 2024 10:43am
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