Israeli comedian falls while trying to scale stage with flag during Coldplay concert

Israeli comedian falls while trying to scale stage with flag during Coldplay concert

Guy Hochman, a staunch Zionist, has been criticised for his insensitive remarks and videos about Palestinians in the past.
14 Jun, 2024

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin paused a concert in Greece after an Israeli comedian carrying an Israeli flag attempted to rush the stage at Athens Olympic Stadium and fell, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Footage from the incident showed a concerned Martin asking his bandmates and crew to “stop, stop, stop, stop” after the man — who later identified himself as Guy Hochman — shrouded in an Israeli flag tried to climb onto the stage. His attempt was unsuccessful as he immediately fell without touching the stage and latched onto some equipment which tumbled down with him.

Hochman, a former soldier turned internet personality, detailed the event on his Instagram. According to Entertainment Weekly, he said that he was not a fan of Coldplay and didn’t know any of their songs, but staged the “operation” with others. He wrote that they chanted “bring them home”, and that he was making “history”, adding that he injured one of his ribs in the fall.

A staunch Zionist, Hochman was recently criticised for his racist jokes about Palestinians at a stand-up comedy show. He also posted a travel video from the Gaza Strip, which is currently devastated by proliferating Israeli aggression, showing him mocking destroyed Palestinian homes. Another video showed him drinking fresh water, taunting Gazans who do not have access to clean water due to constant bombardment and destruction from Israeli militia.

Last year, during Coldplay’s concert in Tokyo on November 6, Martin said, “We don’t believe in oppression or occupation or terrorism or genocide or anything like that. We believe in loving each other and being kind to each other”.

He led fans to send love wherever they wanted, “to Gaza or Israel, to the West Bank” or wherever else they wanted.


Nadeem Shah USA Jun 14, 2024 07:38pm
I respect cold play and this clown is proving Israelis are cold and heartless.
Asad Jun 15, 2024 04:13am
Istaeli Comedian got justice from above. Much more to come.