Kids YouTube star Ms Rachel ‘bullied’ after launching fundraiser for children in Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine

Kids YouTube star Ms Rachel ‘bullied’ after launching fundraiser for children in Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine

The popular children's content creator received backlash for not including Israeli children in her campaign.
18 May, 2024

American YouTuber Rachel Accurso, popularly known as Ms Rachel, is facing backlash after she launched a campaign to raise funds for children in distress in Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan. Accurso is known for her very popular videos for toddlers.

In a tearful video shared to her Instagram account, Accurso said she was facing severe bullying for not caring about “all children”. The criticism comes after she did not include Israeli children in her campaign.

“The bullying is so bad, it is so bad… saying I don’t care about all kids, it’s like, it just hurts so bad,” the YouTuber wept.

“I love every child. Imagine for one second what a mom is going through unable to feed her child, or give her child clean water, or keep her child safe,” she lamented.

“I care deeply for all children. Palestinian children, Israeli children, children in the US — Muslim, Jewish, Christian children — all children, in every country. Not one is excluded,” she affirmed in her Instagram caption.

She continued that part of the reason people respond to her show on YouTube is that they feel the care she puts forth. “Any child suffering is on my heart.”

Accurso emphasised that it was human to hold a fundraiser for children “who are currently starving, who have no food, no water, who are being killed”.

On Tuesday, Accurso launched a Cameo account where people could book and pay for personalised messages from her. According to the content creator, “every penny” she earned would go to Save the Children, an international humanitarian organisation that helps children around the world.

“Every booking aids children in critical regions like Gaza, Sudan, and Ukraine,” she announced.

According to Accurso’s Instagram account, she raised $50,000 in just a few hours and pledged to do 500 videos before returning to do more later.


Taj Ahmad May 18, 2024 02:51pm
Very great and noble initiative to help children’s in Gaza, Sudan and Ukraine.
S.A May 18, 2024 03:31pm
How pathetic are the Israelis and their supporters, really? What do Israelis children need fundraising for? Are they being killed and orphaned while they sleep in tents? Or are they starving to death?!
Tahmad May 18, 2024 05:39pm
S.A … Very well said, I’m agreed 100%.
Asad May 19, 2024 04:30am
A noble gesture. Currently, Israeli children are not being bombed starved, murdered, maimed, so no one should bully her for that. Stay strong lady.
Loujain May 19, 2024 08:29am
Good. I will let my kid watch more Mrs. Rachel now.
Fawad May 20, 2024 08:41am
Israelis are some of the worst people on planet. They make everything about themselves, they try their best to look oppressed while they themselves are the oppressors. Raise funds for Israelis?? What for? So that they can sign more missiles to kill Palestinian children?