Meet the star-makers: Pakistani celebs put the spotlight on their moms this Mother’s Day

Meet the star-makers: Pakistani celebs put the spotlight on their moms this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is all about putting aside appearances and being vulnerable and our celebrities did not disappoint.
13 May, 2024

The glamorous lives of celebrities are often centred around appearances — those they have to keep up and those they reserve for special ones and special occasions. Mother’s Day marks one of those special occasions when celebrities get to be unapologetically vulnerable in order to celebrate motherhood, their moms, and all mother figures in their lives.

This Mother’s Day, Pakistani celebrities flooded social media with touching tributes, celebrating maternal love and resilience. From actors to musicians, many took to Instagram to express their heartfelt gratitude and admiration for their birth-givers and their children.

Actor Yashma Gill shared an adorable picture kissing her mommy with the caption, “All of this [my success] is a result of my mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful woman inside and out.”

Sanam Jung shared a reel featuring birthdays, weddings, and holidays spent with her mother, writing, “Being the firstborn, I feel I share a special bond with my parents. I have witnessed the love and effort my mother has put into our upbringing/education/extracurricular.”

The actor added, “Ami [Mom] you’ve been and are the pillar of our house. Thank you for the unconditional support throughout my life until now — I wish to be as loving and perfect as YOU.”

Actor and model Amna Ilyas shared a stunning photo of her mom in a sari to write, “Happy Mother’s Day maa Jee Nasreen Ilyas, her nickname is Jasmine. And happy Mother’s Day to my two other [forced moms] @uzzilyas @ilyassalma I’m nothing without you all. Thank you for giving me so much support and love.”

Actor Maya Ali shared loved-up pictures with her mother, complete with flowers and a cake. She captioned it, “Amma, my love, thank you for believing in me when everyone else showed their back on me. Thank you for always listening to even those words which I never say. Thank you for sitting by my side all night when I don’t feel good and being there in all the good and bad times. Amma these words can’t ever be enough to describe what a ‘mother’ does for her children. Whatever I am today, I owe it all to you because without you — nothing would have been possible.”

We’re not sure if this qualifies as a Mother’s Day appreciation post but actor Ahad Raza Mir shared a photo with his mom to make a case for “Son’s Day”. Yeah.

“You wouldn’t be a mother without me Mama Mir. You’re welcome. Thank me. I came into this world to bless you. You OWE me. I dedicate this post to all the sons out there. We deserve a Son’s Dat. Go, tell your mothers they aren’t mothers without you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there. Most importantly, mine,” penned Mir.

Singer Azaan Sami Khan, like a true gentleman and proud mama’s boy, shared a photo with his mom and former actor Zeba Bakhtiar to write, “Happy Mothers Day to the most beautiful woman in the world ever my Amma ♥️ love you more than anything forever and ever and ever…”

He also remembered the brave mothers of Palestine. “Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible Moms out there especially all those brave mothers in Palestine.”

Mom and actor Iqra Aziz shared the most adorable photos of her cuddling her toddler, Kabir, alongside videos featuring candid moments with her mom. In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to me and to you all. Asiya Azizz, thank you, ammi for being the resilient woman you are.”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari shared a throwback picture of his mom and the late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto to wish everyone a “Happy Mother’s Day ♥️”

Nadia Jamil, known for her philanthropic work, shared a poignant letter dedicated to her mother accompanied by a heartfelt video montage, set to a soul-stirring Bollywood melody.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my rock, where my strength began, where my life began,” she captioned her post. “My friend, confidant, the most generous, forgiving, loving woman I know, one of the most, beyond beautiful women to have lived on this planet. I love you, Ma. Here’s to healing, learning and unlearning the adventure of life still left for us to enjoy together. With Aba, Baba Zain, Nana, Nani, Puchi Khala, all watching us. Please say a prayer for the health and happiness of my best friend… my Ma.”

Music icon Faisal Kapadia celebrated Mother’s Day with a sweet carousel post, featuring nostalgic snapshots and present-day joys with his wife and children. “Happy Mother’s Day!” Kapadia wrote in the caption.

Shaniera Akram shared a carousel post and an endearing collage of her three children, expressing gratitude for being their mother. With her husband, Wasim Akram, and children by her side, Shaniera wrote, “My children are what makes my life full. I am blessed to have these three. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummies, step-mums, grandmums, new baby mummas, mother-in-laws and the ones who remain in our hearts.”


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SAS May 13, 2024 12:52pm
365 : 365 days are the mother's day in our culture / this newly born mother's day will take time to nourish & compete the standards of our mothers. Can celebrate the specific mother's day just to follow the flow of Western World.
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Taj Ahmad May 13, 2024 06:50pm
Simply great and amazing, happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s of the world.
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NYS May 13, 2024 07:56pm
No pretenses in case of MOM ماں جیسی حستی دنیا میں ہے کہاں نہیں ملے گا بدل چاہے ڈھونڈ لے سارا جہاں
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imran May 14, 2024 01:46am
I totally agree. It is for those westerners, who meet their mother one time in a year. I personally don't celebrate as every day is a mother day for me....
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