Wasim Badami hits back at claims of children being exploited for ratings on his Ramazan show

Wasim Badami hits back at claims of children being exploited for ratings on his Ramazan show

The Shan e Ramazan host says that if it were up to him, he would get all of Pakistan's kids to be a part of his show because they deserve 'exposure'.
23 Mar, 2024

Wasim Badami believes that kids being part of his Ramazan transmission is not the end of the world.

In a conversation with Something Haute, he shared that if it were up to him, he would get all of Pakistan’s kids to be part of his show, including his own, the sole reason being exposure. Badami quoted Ahmed Shah as an example.

Contrary to the criticism received for having very young children on his show, the anchor and host believes that Shah’s whole image has changed for the better since becoming a part of Shaan e Ramazan. “People knew him as this ‘phadde baaz’ (aggressive) kid. Six years down the line, his whole image has changed!” he claimed.

About the assumptions that kids on his Ramazan show spend the whole day and night on set, Badami clarified, “They don’t come to spend the whole day or night there, this is a misconception. They come before their segment starts, that too, unprovoked. We tell them that it’s too early right now. But they want to have fun.”

As for complaints about children — like vlogger Muhammad Shiraz — coming from villages to participate in his show, Badami said, “I feel that these children should be encouraged to travel around the world. Why not? He’s so talented. He’s Pakistan’s pride. Why should he not travel the world? Why should he be deprived of that exposure?”

The host went on to clarify that without meaning to be boastful, he firmly believes that Shah is a great example of what early media exposure can do for children. “It’s all available online, you can go and check who Ahmed Shah was. What did people know him as? He was known for his phadde baazi (aggressive behaviour). Fast forward to today, he recites the Holy Quran on TV, he speaks to everyone with respect, I have an example to quote.”

The inclusion of Shiraz, a child YouTube sensation, in Badami’s show sparked a wave of criticism online, with many, including actor Mishi Khan, raising concerns about the exploitation of child stars for ratings and profit.

Hailing from Ghursay in Gilgit-Baltistan, Shiraz is a five-year-old vlogger who uploads his daily activities to YouTube, showcasing his “raw village life”. Within a month, his channel set him on a course to stardom, with his fan following traversing borders.

In response to the initial backlash generated by the announcement of Shiraz’s participation in the show, Badami stated during a transmission of Shan e Ramazan that child stars are treated like family members on his set. He emphasised the channel management’s commitment to their well-being and assured that their education and health is prioritised over their appearance on the show.


Taj Ahmad Mar 23, 2024 01:15pm
Wasim Badami and ARY management, please stop bringing under age children’s in any of your TV transmission on air, these children’s need to focus on their studies and sports activities and not just for earning money for their parent’s. Thanks again.
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Taj Ahmad Mar 23, 2024 02:11pm
ARY management and host Wasim Badami should respect the vast majority of public opinion in opposing bringing under age children’s in their TV program.
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Taj Ahmad Mar 23, 2024 02:16pm
I suggest, Jeeto Pakistan program host Fahad Mustafa should stop bringing TV actresses and actors in his program and make it like Neelam Ghar style quiz program with more general knowledge questions and with less gifts offer to winners instead of giving motorcycle for almost free.
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Sajjad Hussain Mar 23, 2024 02:45pm
Sir only sale wanted. Its all game of rating. Our media mostly quote western values but where rating concern no value, no morality. Hate mongers are favourites of the meda. U will see that due to wide spread of media or intertainment industry hate, abuse, irrational discussion is on the rise. Look at thumbnail u will find all this
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Usman Raja Mar 23, 2024 04:28pm
While we each watch kids shows on American Tv shows and netflix. and we all are fan of Disney kids show and kid actors. I say hypocrisy
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Ehsan Mar 23, 2024 08:26pm
These shows should be fun but also improve on improving the intelligence level of the audience
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HashBrown® Mar 23, 2024 09:18pm
Wasim Badami and Fahd Mustafa are perfect examples of how toxic our media culture is. Badami is a self obsessed cartoon character - one moment he's an expert sports pundit, next moment he's a political analyst, and then suddenly he's singing nasheeds and offering sermons on piety. As for Mustafa, you just have to listen to some of the comments he makes to contestants in front of the camera to know what kind of person he is. I can't even imagine how much worse his behaviour is when the cameras are turned off. But what else can we expect in a media culture where Amir Liaqat was hailed as an icon?
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Reema Saleem Mar 24, 2024 06:26am
If mishi khan is saying yhis she is so unaware of the fact that these so called little innocent kids explitaion is not by this ramzan transmissin..but the fact is who r behind these kids to make vlogs n got money on the face of these kids...can these 5 year old kids makr their own these vlogs n editing stuff n putting on their u tube channel...?ajeeb soch n pgul pun ki nat ki hy is ort ne to
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Syed Hasni Mar 24, 2024 01:52pm
It is tip of the iceberg Child labor was banned in Pakistan in 2020 and it is illegal for children to work in factories and other industries. However, there are still about 12 million child workers in the country, according to the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC). Many come from Pakistan’s poorest regions, either through middlemen, shadowy job placement agencies or by kidnapping, and work as domestic staff in private homes where monitoring working conditions or detecting abuse is difficult for authorities. Public attitudes towards child labor are also usually permissive in a society where even in the lowest rungs of the middle class, families often have at least one live-in servant. Unnecessary criticism For Mishi KHAN, murda-shāhoñ ke maqābir se bahalne vaalī apne tārīk makānoñ ko to dekhā hotā
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Sahibzada Furqan Hameed Mar 24, 2024 03:20pm
What is wrong with the Kids Ramzan Show? In the world, there are Disney kid segments, Kids shows, Funny kids shows actors etc. Waseem Badami has not forced or exploited anyone. What u ppl point out and call exploitation without any solid proof? Only speculations in case any such thing happens that is not ARY or WB's responsibility. That is the domain and responsibility of their families and parents. Every child has the right to exposure to a good lifestyle. And Ramzan's show is not for the whole year. They should resume bxz you will find criticism on every good and bad thing from the start of the world. People should criticise other for so many solid bad things in the media.
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Kamran Abdul Jabbar Mar 24, 2024 03:20pm
This is a practice in our culture to pull legs when someone is progressing. I'm not surprised by this propaganda; it's bound to happen.
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Sahibzada Furqan Hameed Mar 24, 2024 03:28pm
Where is my POV comment before I have shared it?
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Alam Mar 24, 2024 03:55pm
It is shameful that anchors are using children as their prey , why Badami is making children to sit on his lap . These are lawless acts and cheap way to get rankings !
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Laila Mar 25, 2024 02:43am
@Hashbrown You ate and left no crumbs. Well said.
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Syed Asif Ali Mar 25, 2024 05:13am
Wasim Badami and Fahad Mustafa have no character look at Fahad's program Jeeto Pakistan how rudely he speaks to the participants of the show he even does not bother to see whom he is talking to 90% of the time his comments are below the belt. I have been watching such shows from my childhood but these two are the cheapest shows of my life. They should learn from there seniors Like Tariq Aziz, Zia Mohiuddin how to bring a show which is not only an entertainment to people but should be an institution in itself from where people can learn and groomed their personality.
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Taj Ahmad Mar 25, 2024 08:19am
If Wasim Badami or Fahad Mustafa needs some time off from their respective daily or weekly programs on ARY transmissions, I can offer my services for them free of cost as host, please let me know via email. Thanks!
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Test Mar 25, 2024 09:40am
These kids are role modals of our kids good from Wasim Badami we people atleast can appreciate him. We wanted show of kids with no adults in it.
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Hayat Mar 25, 2024 11:47am
Wasim Badami's perspective on involving children in his Ramazan transmission, presents an interesting debate on the role of children in media and the potential impact of early exposure. One aspect of Badami's viewpoint is his belief in the positive transformation that exposure can bring to children, as seen in Ahmed Shah's case. Badami argues that Shah's participation in the show has shifted his public image from being perceived as aggressive to someone who exhibits respect and religious devotion. Badami sees media exposure as a tool for shaping children's behavior and character positively. However, there are concerns raised by critics about the potential exploitation of child stars for ratings and profit. This criticism reflects broader societal anxieties about the ethical treatment of children in the media industry, particularly regarding their well-being, education, and protection from exploitation. Badami's reassurances about the treatment of child stars on his set, emphasizing their familial treatment and prioritization of their education and health, are crucial steps in addressing these concerns. It's essential for media platforms to uphold ethical standards and prioritize the welfare of child participants above commercial interests. The case of Shiraz adds complexity to the discussion. While his rise to fame through YouTube showcases the potential opportunities that media exposure can offer, it also raises questions about the responsibilities of adults in safeguarding children's interests, particularly regarding their privacy, safety, and development. Ultimately, the debate surrounding the involvement of children in media productions like Badami's Ramazan transmission requires a delicate balance between the potential benefits of exposure and the ethical considerations of child protection and well-being. It's essential for stakeholders, including media professionals, regulatory bodies, and society at large, to engage in critical dialogue and enact safeguards to ensure the positive development and ethical treatment of child participants in the media industry.
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Sulemancharania Mar 25, 2024 12:51pm
Every were on earth people went to cash out kid's innocent.
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Laila Mar 25, 2024 08:34pm
@Hayat "Ethical standards, welfare, safety and privacy" are all great words but lost in the context of Pakistan. No single person can safeguard or aware the safety of participants on a tv show as it there are many people involved and it takes only one of them to have a bad intentions. In society many do. That's why we have children being targeted, groomed, abducted and trafrfiked. We live in a society where your mentioned exposure and understanding have a long way to go. The concerns and criticism are valid and coming from a good place.
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NYS Mar 26, 2024 12:44am
These children are brought to program just in respective Ramadan remaining eleven months they are free to move . As we all know this is digital era cannot apprehend any one to do and not to do splash and backlash is always there. As far concern Fahad M and Wasim B they are there to entertain all veteran late Tariq Aziz Zia Mohiyuddin are not fit for today's youth
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Laila Mar 26, 2024 04:39am
Are there any Dawn readers in Middle East? Or the Gulf? Can you share how native Arabs deal with Ramadan? In fact Dawn should do an article on that. The contrast could make for interesting reading.
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