Rihanna steals the spotlight at Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations

Rihanna steals the spotlight at Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations

The Ambanis may have all the money in the world but Bad Gal Riri has our hearts.
02 Mar, 2024

Billionaires from around the world, top Silicon Valley executives, heads of state, and Hollywood and Bollywood royalty descended in the western Indian town of Jamnagar on Friday to attend the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani — Asia’s richest man.

The three-day pre-wedding celebrations are in keeping with the Ambani family’s record of hosting lavish parties. The wedding isn’t until July 12.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were among the star guests at the gala hosted by the Reliance Industries chairman. Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Saif Ali Khan, among several others, also graced the occasion.

But amid a host of stars and billionaires, Rihanna — who was called in to perform on the first day of the festivities — shined the brightest.

Rihanna performs for and with the Ambanis

The first day featured a thrilling performance by Rihanna in what appeared to be a huge concert, with photos and videos quickly spreading across social media. One viral clip showed her and the bride-to-be, Radhika, sharing the stage. The video also captured Radhika jumping with joy and receiving a hug from the singer.

The entire Ambani family joined the singer on stage, with Anant Ambani tapping his feet and Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani, Isha Ambani, and Shloka Mehta cheering along.

Rihanna and Jahnvi shake a leg

In the holy grail of crossovers, Bollywood starlet Jahnvi Kapoor shared a video of herself shaking a leg with Bad Gal Riri, or shall we say, twerking the night away.

Rihanna spreads joy to all

The ‘Diamonds’ singer not only made everyone’s night at the Ambani celebrations, she also made everyone’s day before heading to the event. At the airport, she was captured posing with police personnel, her fans, as well as the paparazzi.

But while our love for Riri is never-ending, here are all the other highlights from the pre-wedding festivities:

B-town divas dress to the nines

Bollywood divas were spotted at the occasion in their best fits. Kiara Advani embraced the cocktail theme in a sleek black leather bodycon gown accentuated with intricate 3D floral embellishments.

Deepika Padukone opted for a classic black vintage dress from Gauri and Nainika, radiating elegance with subtle accessories and a delightful bow.

Alia Bhatt dazzled in a shimmering off-shoulder ensemble adorned with intricate embellishments, while Kareena Kapoor epitomised sophistication in a mauve saree paired with a matching blouse.

Spotted: Mark Zuckerberg and Ivanka Trump

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan arrived in Jamnagar on Thursday. Later on Instagram, Zuckerberg extended his congratulations to Anant and Radhika and expressed his fondness for Indian weddings.

He took to IG once again on Saturday to update his followers. Posting a picture alongside his wife, Priscilla, Zuckerberg wrote in the caption, “It’s getting wild out here.”

Former first daughter Ivanka Trump also shared glimpses of herself and her family from the pre-wedding festivities on Instagram. Looking stunning in a stunning gold and silver sari, she wrote, “First night in India — a magical evening in Everland! Sending warm wishes to Anant and Radhika Merchant for endless happiness and love as they embark on this wonderful adventure together.”

Stunning decor — courtesy Nita Ambani

The pre-wedding bash venue featured top-tier decor with a soulful ambiance highlighted by flowers. The venue boasted a large statement fountain, complemented by high-rise windows and a tall glass ceiling. Intricate wall paintings, including peacock and butterfly motifs, added an Indian essence, while grand chandeliers illuminated the space.

Pastel-coloured flowers adorned every corner, creating a Victorian wedding ambiance. Unique door handles with Ganesha’s face added a regal touch to the venue’s decor.

Some 1,200 guests are attending the pre-wedding party. The Ambanis organised the three-day affair for guests to enjoy a lavish gala with over 2,500 dishes cooked by a team of 65 chefs, as per the Independent.

“The guest list appears to have more RSVPs from global corporate titans than the weddings of Mr Ambani’s two older children in 2018 and 2019, underscoring Reliance’s growing clout and role as a conduit to the Indian economy for global tech, media and energy giants,” Bloomberg wrote.


Anuj Mar 02, 2024 05:20pm
Amazing big fat wedding
Skhan Mar 02, 2024 05:23pm
Shadi pe aye ho? Right.
Anuj Mar 02, 2024 05:40pm
Big fat billionaire wedding
Jamil Soomro, New York City Mar 02, 2024 05:59pm
Was all this lavish wedding necessary? No. Mukesh Ambani has put the poor country India Internationally to shame.
Skhan Mar 02, 2024 07:16pm
Are these singing and dancing Celebes present on the occasion on free of charge basis ?
Ehsan Mar 02, 2024 08:47pm
Good for india
Syed Hasni Mar 02, 2024 09:15pm
A 2020 study from the World Economic Forum found Some 220 million Indians sustained on an expenditure level of less than Rs 32 / day—the poverty line for rural India—by the last headcount of the poor in India in 2013. You who take delight in tombs of kings deceased, Should have seen the hutments dark where you and I did wean. Countless men in this world must have loved and gone, Who would say their loves weren't truthful or strong? But in the name of their loves, no memorial is raised. For they too, like you and me, belonged to the common throng. Congratulations to the couple!
HUSSEINALLY j hASHAM Mar 02, 2024 09:29pm
GHAZA - Side by side this wedding - on this earth - humanity at large!
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 02, 2024 11:56pm
Who cares?
Captain Mar 03, 2024 01:27am
Infact real happiness is received/ achieved after spending on needy ones and poor persons not on billionaires.
Mazhar hussain Mar 03, 2024 03:14am
A different world.
Tahmad Mar 03, 2024 03:31am
I thought Mukesh Ambani was a wise man and spend all his wealth wisely, Now I can say, no he is not. After all I wish good wishes to his daughter’s marriage on July 12, 2024.
Gly Mendon Mar 03, 2024 03:40am
Syed Hasni and Jamil Somroo, take some chill pill and think about Pakistan s economical condition first. Also is it good to Keep $100 million in bank or spend it in something, here it is for wedding, which will create many many jobs albeit temporarily in our country? India is doing much better than Pakistan and Pakistani s do not have any leg to comment on Indian economy.
Saeed Siddiqui Mar 03, 2024 06:04am
Great ! Good for econ
Venkat Mar 03, 2024 07:06am
Think logically for a second without hatred. Unlike spending large amounts purchasing apartments in foreign countries like corrupt people in Pakisthan do. Whatever amount Ambanis are spending is not going waste, it keeps economy running, lot of people gets work and all the money spent goes into their pockets. Win win for everyone..its good for the economy when more money comes out of rich peoples pockets.
Dr. Shah Mar 03, 2024 08:10am
Ambani dwarfed by IVANKA.
Venkat Mar 03, 2024 08:27am
In light of Narendra Modi’s calls, big fat weddings are happening within india, so money spent is within india oiling the indian economy with govt getting good amount in the form of taxes and benifits large number of small business’s
Raj Mar 03, 2024 08:38am
Total net worth of celebrities invited in marriage is greater than GDP of some countries : -)
Nadia Mar 03, 2024 03:03pm
That which is actually precious can and never be for sale. .and this worlds riches are all about making sales..
Taj Ahmad Mar 03, 2024 05:09pm
My baby Sonum Kapoor always looks great all time.
Abu Tahir Sulkeyman Al jannabi Mar 03, 2024 06:18pm
Jamil Soomro, New York City.... I can understand your pain ... and the exact spot of the pain
Asif Mar 03, 2024 07:17pm
Ameeron ki dunya he alag hy!
Salman Haider Mar 03, 2024 09:31pm
This is what a future economical super power acts like. This event has engaged worlds attention, good for Ambani, good for Indian economy. Although, spending $millions seems a bit too harsh, but it pays off in the long run. Excellent advertisment across globe .
zoya Mar 03, 2024 11:15pm
There will be at least some here that will be crying about poverty in India but has done nothing in their life to do anything about it like charity or donation.
Ummar Mar 04, 2024 12:17am
@dawn, are you aware almost none of the pictures can be seen if the user doesn't have a Instagram account?
M. Emad Mar 04, 2024 01:28am
Shri Mukesh Ambani — Asia’s richest man.
Rafik Mar 04, 2024 01:56am
Not the first on earth to get married so what's all the hullabaloo about?
Maula Jatt Mar 04, 2024 03:16am
Paisa Bolta Hai
Aniket Mar 04, 2024 12:22pm
Read some sore comments obviously out of jealousy. Reliance Industries is 72% of Pakistan's GDP. The gathering was way above the entire GDP of Pakistan and many other countries. Reliance Industries pays a mammoth amount towards Social Corporate Responsibility and secondly in form of taxes. Still they have a trillions of rupees to space and can choose to spend it in whatever way they want. They have money and are enjoying the life. Poverty exists everywhere and that does not mean, the people who have earned more will give the spare amount to the deprived ones. Thats a low level thinking.
RN Mar 04, 2024 12:46pm
This wedding with over 1000 CR Rupees spent, has been a huge boost to the local economy. New Airport, hotels, food, decoration everything for just pre wedding party has given lot of employment.
Jamil Soomro, New York City Mar 04, 2024 04:35pm
@ Abu Tahir Sulkeyman Al Jannabi Thank you for remembering me.
Jamil Soomro, New York City Mar 04, 2024 04:40pm
@ Gly Mondon Syed Hasni and I we have both spoken the truth. As you know truth is bitter not sweet.?
Syed Hasni Mar 04, 2024 04:54pm
Mr. Gly, please do not give a wrong spin to my comment, I love India as much as I do, About 60% of India's nearly 1.3 billion people live on less than $3.10 a day, the World Bank's median poverty line. And 21%, or more than 250 million people, survive on less than $2 a day. I am an admirer of Ambani Family in the way they carry out themselves in public and no wonder they are able to get such influential guests. It's the obsession of the subcontinent with the Mughal past, and Taj Mahal which is being flaunted here. The Taj, mayhap, to you may seem, a mark of love supreme You may hold this beauteous vale in great esteem; Yet, my love, meet me hence at some other place! How odd for the poor folk to frequent royal resorts; ‘Tis strange that the amorous souls should tread the regal paths Trodden once by mighty kings and their proud consorts. Behind the facade of love my dear, you had better seen, The marks of imperial might that herein lie screen'd Regards
mmh Mar 04, 2024 07:52pm
It helps the economy a lot. Thanks for spending money. Lots of industries and workers get benefitted in the process. Starting from flower garden to cleaners.
Harish Mar 06, 2024 03:21am
Such big fat Indian weddings is good for the country booste the evonomy and lots of overseas people are now having destination weddings in India.imagine the boost for hotels and other various boost it gives to the location.
Jeet Mar 06, 2024 08:52pm
Please! Stop juxtaposing it with poverty in India. All the expenses were profits for service providers to the wedding who in turn pay out to their staff. Does that mean all lavish weddings in pakistan are morally wrong because there are poor people in pakistan? Hello! Communism is long dead and gone! And ambanis did create largest man-made forest in the world for animal conservation which in turn has brought down the avg temperature of their hometown by 4 degrees. They also do billions in donations and charities.
Laila Mar 08, 2024 07:13am
Well it IS their money. Being rich is not a sin. They can spend it as they see fit. The world was burning before and will continue to burn after this wedding too. Ghaza is not unique here. There have been 2 world wars, many civilian wars, invasions, slavery (look up Arab slavery predating the North American slavery), conflicts, etc going back centuries and centuries. Should everybody just stop living, stop celebrating their important events, stop going about their lives and just start living hand to mouth and give away all in charity? There have always been wealthy people and they always lived lavishly. Nothing wrong with that. Just because there is a war (Yemen) somewhere, or refugees (Mynamar, Ukraiane, Afghanistan) doesnt mean life stops. Even in Ghaza weddings are still taking place, people are becoming pregnant, mothers are delivering babies - amidst the deaths and attacks. It is life. But those who criticize this familys lavish wedding should take the lead and call off their own lavish wedding functions (like nikah, mayoon, rukhsati and walima) and just opt for a simple nikah, in simple clothes with the closest family and slaughter a lamb and celebrate. No music.or DJ, no not on Ka haar, no horse for the groom or bridal wear worth millions, no expensive salon makeup,no decorations, no wedding planners etc. Also stop having birthdays and engagement parties. Opt for home schooling. Move into a hut, or small modest home with bare necessities, and sell off your unnecessary assets, jewelry, cars,(walking is good and so is bicycling along with being CO2à friendly) and donate all your money savings to the many needy people in right here in Pakistan. Go on. Most of you have not a spare moment for the homeless or needy in your very neighborhood. Right in front of your own eyes.
sdpandey Mar 08, 2024 02:54pm
Sayed Hasni 2020 year report is now outdated as 4 yrs have passed. India in 2024 is far ahead from 2020 which is past.