Rahat Fateh Ali Khan says more secretly recorded videos may emerge in second ‘apology’ video

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan says more secretly recorded videos may emerge in second ‘apology’ video

Singer has been in hot water ever since a video of him beating a 'student' went viral on social media.
01 Feb, 2024

After severe backlash following a covert video of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan physically abusing someone he later claimed was his student, and a failed apology video that has since been deleted from his Instagram, the qawwal has come forth with another “apology” video.

The singer is alone in the video, which was posted to the account of radio station owner Rehan Siddiq, in contrast to the now deleted ‘apology’ videos where he was accompanied by the victim and his father.

In the “special message”, the ‘Afreen Afreen’ singer first sought forgiveness from God, who “made everyone equal”.

“Being a human, I should not have behaved this way with another person, especially as an artist,” he said.

He then apologised to his family who “have been involved in the qawwali business for 600 years” and gave messages of “love, peace and brotherhood” through their art. Khan also apologised to his “family friends” and “especially” his fans who were hurt because of his behaviour.

Vowing not to repeat his actions, he alleged that the viral video was nine months old and that his old management company — PME Entertainment — which he recently left, had been making these videos without his “permission” for “who knows how long”.

Khan claimed the company had “planned other” videos and began releasing them after his press conference announcing that he would be parting ways with them.

“If they were such advocates of humanity, why didn’t they release the video earlier?” he questioned. He alleged that there were more videos that the company would release in an effort to “defame” him, and that some were “planted” while others were “fabricated”. Khan, however, hoped that their “efforts would be unsuccessful” and his singing career would continue.

The singer continued that he took the experience “positively” because he got to learn from it, and added that he “respected” those who boycotted him because they wanted to “advise” him. He further said that those critiquing his actions “loved” him and did not want to see “their artist” behaving negatively.

He concluded the video by apologising to his fellow artists and music directors. He did not, however, apologise to his victim, Naveed Hasnain, the student whom he physically lashed out at for misplacing a ‘bottle’.

Khan also appeared on Adeel Asif’s podcast where he purported that people were making fun of the ‘bottle’, however, it was “true” that his pir (spiritual guide) had blessed the water and it was in Hasnain’s possession.

“People are not understanding the depth [of the situation]. It’s a spiritual matter between me and my pir and it was a very big thing for me,” he said.

The podcast also included gems from the host such as him saying it would be an “honour” to be hit by Khan, and that people should not interfere in artists’ personal lives and let them hone their crafts.

Let’s be real — physical violence, regardless of who it’s coming from, is NEVER something to look up to and glorify. No one deserves to be humiliated the way Hasnain was; there is a proper way to handle such a situation and even severe consequences for someone’s actions should not include beating someone up. Secondly, anyone who infringes on someone else’s physical autonomy, especially so violently, should face some repercussions, regardless of who they are.

The host should not have placed Khan on a pedestal given the controversy surrounding him, nor should he have been so casual with his comments.

Prior to his recent apology video, a series of videos were posted and then deleted from Khan’s official Instagram page in which he claimed the bottle contained blessed water.

Addressing the video, Khan said it was a private issue between a teacher and a student. Identifying the student and his father, he said, “The relationship between a teacher and student is such that when he does well, we give him that much love and when he does wrong, we punish him”.

Hasnain said the bottle contained water blessed by a spiritual leader and that he had forgotten where he put it at the time. “God only knows how much love he [Khan] shows us,” he said, calling the video an attempt to blackmail and defame his teacher.

He denied that the incident was an incident of abuse. Khan claimed that he asked for Hasnain’s forgiveness then and there after beating him up.

Once again, he did not once publicly apologise to Hasnain but has released several irrelevant, half-hearted videos.


x Feb 01, 2024 05:27pm
Rahat has gotten really strange.
Ali Feb 01, 2024 05:48pm
All this over a bottle, makes you wonder!
Syed Hasni Feb 01, 2024 05:52pm
I am more concerned about his Apology video trying to justify his insane act. Waye Nakami! Mataa-e-Karwan Jata Raha Karwan Ke Dil Se Ehsas-e-Ziyan Jata Raha How disappointing! The caravan’s wealth is gone The feeling of loss from caravan’s heart is gone
Ikram Feb 01, 2024 07:57pm
Eye for an Eye. IF he is truly sorry then let the victim hand him the same treatment, make a video and share it and WE public will forgive you Rahat
Montagez Feb 01, 2024 08:51pm
Absolutely disgusting behavior! The victim and his dad must've been forced to "clear" Rahat Fateh Ali's name so they came up with all kinds of explanation for his bad behavior/ reaction! Rahat Fateh Ali should face the consequences so he can never raise his hand on anyone again!
Malik Feb 01, 2024 08:58pm
Total bakvas, no one would believe it—a useless effort to contain damage control
Jua Feb 01, 2024 10:57pm
After 9 months as he said himself it is 9 months old video, now this video is being viral through out the world, he is confessing and apologizing. If this video doesn't leak out he would have no intention to apologize, no shame and embarrassment as well.
Batfa Feb 02, 2024 12:33am
Dum wali bottle aur Dama dam mast qalandar. Insaan ka kirdar os k fail ki akasi karta hai.
M.S.Alvi Feb 02, 2024 12:55am
It shows his character; apologizing does not change anything.
DT Feb 02, 2024 01:15am
People of the subcontinent need to stop putting people on pedestals!!!
Naveen Feb 02, 2024 01:30am
What a loser this fellow is! He is trying to spin it in every direction. Needs to be charged with assault! Man is shameless and does not have the integrity to come clean and apologize. Yeah…bottle blessed by a pit! Wonder what was in it!
White Noise Feb 02, 2024 01:36am
This is why RFAK can never become an actor. His 2nd audition also falls flat and is beyond laughable.
Imran Quraishi Feb 02, 2024 07:13am
He is a sick man who needs an immediate appointment with a psychiatrist to help him control his anger issues and another appointment with a neurologist as he is showing early signs of dementia by not being able to differentiate between a bottle of whisky and a bottle of holy/sacred water.
Kashif Ajaz Feb 02, 2024 08:43am
A wrong, once its surfaced shows the real person behind all that stardom,
RSVP Feb 02, 2024 11:19am
Such poor actions against humanity from a level of such artist shows he learned nothing in life. He should be banned for 10 years, atleast. All of his awards must be taken back. His action shows that he is a very small person, illiterate. He does not know how to behave. Pakistan dont require such people who damage our Country's image Globally. Apology not required. All fabricated.
Danial Kasuri Feb 02, 2024 11:38am
Rahat must be treated with the derision he truly deserves. A repulsive and gross bully.