Voting 101: What to carry with you on election day

Other than your sense of civic duty and original CNIC, of course!
07 Feb, 2024

Come February 8, Pakistanis are going to be heading to the polls to elect their leaders but before you actually head to the polls, there is some stuff you need to know — like what to take with you on election day!

If you’re a first-time voter or even if you’re not, here’s a handy list of everything you’ll need to keep with you to vote — and what to leave behind.


It’s hot and standing in the sun is no joke. Keep some water to hydrate while standing in line to cast your vote — plus, your throat will be parched while discussing your candidate with other voters in line.

A hat

Again, that sun is no joke. No shade, but get in the shade if you can. You need to cover up and stay cool-headed while you wait to elect your new representative.


This one is very, very, very important! You need your CNIC to vote — no copies allowed!

Your patience

Voting can take time — don’t be the person who creates a fuss over a long line. Just be glad your fellow Pakistanis have come out to vote!

Your silsila number

Take it from us — if you forget your silsila number, you’ll have to get out of line to go get it and that’s annoying. Remember to keep it handy.

Your sense of political awareness

Know who you’re voting for. Be aware of your candidate’s stance on political issues before casting your vote. Remember, your voice matters and who you elect matters too.

What to leave behind

That attitude

Don’t be that person at the polling station who has it out for everyone else. We’re all there trying to fulfil our civic duty so there’s no need to make the experience miserable for everyone else.

Your phone

There are no phones allowed in the polling station, so leave yours in your car or at home.

But most of all — go vote! AND TAKE YOUR CNIC WITH YOU!

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