8 things we’re looking forward to trying at Karachi Eat

Our stomachs are ready to EAT.
11 Jan, 2024

With Karachi Eat, the city’s biggest food festival, just around the corner, we decided to make a list of fun food options we’re looking forward to this year.

The Eat Festival, formerly Karachi Eat, is returning for its 11th year from January 12 to Jan 14 at Beach Park in Clifton.

This year, almost 75 per cent of stalls are home based rather than commercial entities, which we love. The whole point of the festival is to showcase the best small businesses have to offer!

This year, there’s also going to be a Bringing Emerging Artists Together (BEAT) Festival, a musical event conceptualised to give a platform to Pakistan’s upcoming and undiscovered musical talent.

On to our list of food we’re excited to try at the festival!

Dumplings Express

What’s something we love more than dumplings? Fusion dumplings! And Dumplings Express has something interesting on the menu in their Tandoori Fusion Dumplings with Chilli Oil.

The Karachi Katahi Roll

We love Indian street food and one thing that’s been on our to-try list for a while is The Karachi Kaathi Roll.

Seared by Mabroor Shah

Seared by Mabroor Shah promises some mouthwatering burgers, steaks, and sandwiches at the festival and we’re SO excited to try it. We love a good steak!

Turkish Mud Coffee

Need we say more? We’re excited to try some Turkish Mud Coffee and get a feel of Turkey right by the Karachi coast.


Portside’s menu looks scrumptious and what better place to sample it than at the city’s largest food festival?


We’ve had our eyes on the dessert boxes from Sweetistry for a while, so we’re definitely going to be lining up to check out the desserts they have to offer at the food fest.

Delights by Hadiya Habib

The specialty brownies at Delights look amazing and we can’t wait to get out hands on some of them!

Yak Grill

We’ve saved the best and most exciting item for last — burgers from Yak Grill! At this point, we’ve all heard of Hunza’s famous Yak Grill and somehow, the restaurant has made its way to Karachi for the food festival!

And a bonus thing we’re looking forward to — the music. This year’s music festival looks to be especially promising, giving us a chance to hear new music and groove to our favourite hits!