Are we entering the era of pink velvet suits?

Are we entering the era of pink velvet suits?

Yumna Zaidi and Ushna Shah are both wearing them, and Syra Yousuf wouldn't mind getting her hands on one. But what about the rest of us?
10 Jan, 2024

Are pink velvet suits really a thing now? If we’re to go by celebrity fashion, we’d have to say yes.

Yumna Zaidi recently donned a pink velvet suit by LAMA for a recent photoshoot and it had people talking. The oversized blazer retails for Rs14,950 without discount and the pants for Rs9,450 without discount.

In fact, even Syra Yousuf wanted to get her hands on it!

Ushna Shah posted pictures in the same suit a day earlier.

So does this signal the rise of velvet suits among Pakistan’s it girls? Maybe.

Velvet is the fabric of shaadi season and winter in Pakistan — velvet outfits come out of closets as soon as the temperatures start to drop. Most designers use velvet in their winter collections in their eastern wear pret lines, however, we have a feeling we’re going to be seeing more a lot more velvet being used in western wear. We haven’t spotted any fashion influencers in velvet suits yet, but it may just be a matter of time.

Shah and Zaidi took to Instagram and posted pictures of themselves wearing the salmon pink velvet suits. Both actors looked absolutely stunning although it is interesting to see how the same outfit falls differently on either woman. The suit does not seem to be lined very well as it appears to be lacking structure — something that’s crucial in a good suit.

The trend of oversized, matching suits has been around for a while, especially this winter season but even oversized blazers and trousers need some sort of structure. Celebrities like Ayeza Khan have been giving us major inspiration for our going-out wear, especially when it comes to the chic style of matching suits.

With upcoming designers and brands trying to bring a spark into the market, we’ve seen designers experimenting with velvet, in jumpsuits or matching sets, but we can’t recall seeing entire suits.

Of course, there’s this velvet suit worn by designer Hussain Rehar to the Lux Style Awards in 2022, but we haven’t seen anything like it in stores.

Are we going to be seeing more velvet incorporated in Pakistani fashion this winter? Only if it’s well-structured, we hope!