Painting exhibition, film festival mark International Mountain Day

Painting exhibition, film festival mark International Mountain Day

Italian Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese was the chief guest on the occasion.
12 Dec, 2023

International Mountain Day was celebrated on Monday, with events at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and Serena Hotel.

A three-day exhibition of photographs and paintings kicked off at the PNCA in connection with the 13th edition of the Pakistan Mountain Festival — the annual flagship event of Devcom-Pakistan — to mark the International Mountain Day that falls on December 11 every year.

The exhibition titled The Colours of the ICE included 21 large-sized photos reflecting the colours and textures of the glaciers in the north of Pakistan, 40 photos of the Boltoro cleanup, 12 paintings of the Himalayan Odyssey series by Raja Changez Sultan and some paintings by students.

Italian Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese was the chief guest on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ferrarese said mountains played a key role on the planet.

He said the Italian government had always been out to support initiatives regarding research, science, conservation and development.

He appreciated the role of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, EvK2CNR and the UNDP for their relentless efforts to empower mountain stakeholders to conserve local resources.

“They are the water towers of the world and supply freshwater to an estimated half of humanity. Mountains are home to an extraordinary range of plants and animals and to many culturally diverse communities with different languages and traditions. From climate regulation and water provisioning services to soil maintenance and conservation, mountains are key to our lives and livelihoods,” Ambassador Ferrarese said.

Samuel Rizk, the country representative of UNDP Pakistan, said mountains and their natives had become more vulnerable in the changing climate.

“Mountain regions are complex in their geomorphology and therefore more vulnerable to variations in temperatures and changes in patterns of hydrology. Both have a direct impact on mountain communities, adding fragility to lives already clinging tenuously to eco-systems for sustenance,” he said.

On the other hand, the 9th edition of the International Mountain Film Festival commenced in Serena Hotel under its Adventure Diplomacy initiative.

The event witnessed a significant presence of distinguished dignitaries, diplomats, ambassadors of Jordan and Nepal, the high commissioner of Kenya, representatives from the corporate sector, members of the business community and media professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, PIMFF founder Wajahat Malik said, “This festival is not just about films; it is a platform for encouragement connections, promoting sustainable practices, and inspiring a collective commitment to preserving these natural wonders for generations to come.”

In this International Mountain Film Festival, PIMFF is going to showcase 21 films and hold panel discussions on cinematic journey that transcends borders and elevates the human experience in PNCA on December 16 and 17.

Originally published in Dawn, December 12th, 2023