Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon calls for ceasefire, mourns for ‘oppressed and occupied Palestinian people’

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon calls for ceasefire, mourns for ‘oppressed and occupied Palestinian people’

She slammed the Israeli government for attacking Palestine and the US government for its continued support.
19 Oct, 2023

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has called for a ceasefire in Palestine, denouncing the treatment of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government.

In an Instagram statement, Nixon said she mourns for the innocent Israeli lives lost in the attack by Hamas and that many of these people were “actively protesting the far-right Netanyahu regime for its dictatorial power grab and for its inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people”.

“I mourn for the millions of innocent Palestinians civilians who have been occupied and oppressed for so long, and who are now being killed systematically — cut off from food, water, electricity and bombed mercilessly — by a regime that has all but announced its intention to commit genocide,” wrote the actor. She also spoke about the thousands Palestinian children killed and the many others left orphaned.

“I mourn for the millions of innocent civilians heeding warnings to flee, who are being bombed even as they try to, for the million homes lost, the destruction of a hospital and hundreds taking shelter there, the indiscriminate killing of doctors, journalists and UN humanitarian workers.”

The actor said she also mourns for the Israeli hostages, “old and young, ripped from their families and taken to Gaza, whose leaders refuse to halt the bombings and prioritise their release”.

“I mourn that the Israeli government has dropped more bombs on densely populated areas this week than the US dropped on Afghanistan in a year, and that the US government has disallowed the use of the word ‘de-escalation’ and is instead sending weapons and billions of dollars to the perpetrators,” she wrote.

“I mourn that forces of brutality and fascism are winning over forces of humanity.”

She urged the United States to Congress to support the Cori Bush resolution — a resolution put forward by several US lawmakers, including Congresswoman Cori Bush, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza — and for President Joe Biden and Congress to “turn all attention to the release of the hostages and bringing desperately needed humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people”.