28 Aug, 2023

Arshad Nadeem is making Pakistan prouder and prouder every day. His most recent achievement — winning the country’s first-ever medal at the World Athletics Championships. His silver medal in the javelin throw has sent everyone’s hearts racing and has everyone cheering him on.

Nadeem — who won gold for Pakistan at last year’s Commonwealth Games — has also qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024, making his win all the more exciting.

His victory is a proud moment for Pakistan.

The country’s stars are celebrating him too!

The cricket team was supporting him too!

Everyone’s congratulating him on making the country proud.

The gold medal was won by India’s Neeraj Chopra and people were glad to see the sportsmanship between the friendly rivals.

One thing everyone noticed was how he didn’t have a flag to wave, nor were there any support staff around him.

While we’re so proud of Nadeem and everything he has achieved, we wish our government would actually do something for him. He needs support staff and a team.