Nadia Khan ‘offended’ by portrayal of morning shows in Jannat Se Aagay

Nadia Khan ‘offended’ by portrayal of morning shows in Jannat Se Aagay

Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan's new show is about a morning show host willing to do anything for views.
23 Aug, 2023

Acclaimed host and actor Nadia Khan has expressed her reservations towards Geo TV drama Jannat Se Aagay. The show revolves around morning shows, their portrayal in the media, and how it affects the viewers through their perception of the host on-screen.

In a recent TV appearance on Kya Drama Hai with Mukarram Kaleem on 24 News, the morning show pioneer appeared to have great reservations regarding the show.

She claimed to be offended by the portrayal. “We have done a lot of good work and when someone projects it so negatively, it hurts a lot,” she explained. The anchor claimed that while a lot of things portrayed in the show are correct, it is quite exaggerated and does not show the positive impact that morning shows have made.

“This story is not for a drama, this can be a documentary, long play, or a telefilm,” she said, claiming that the show is based upon a completely negative narrative, which is not always the truth. Khan also commented on the writing of the show, claiming that the two episodes she watched were very boring and hard to watch.

Although Khan was critical of both the show’s content and writing, expressed her appreciation for writer Umera Ahmed. “I respect Umera Ahmed a lot,” she said.

The show stars Kubra Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Ramsha Khan, and Talha Chahour, and is written by Ahmed. Jannat Se Aagay revolves around Jannat Ali Khan (Kubra Khan), who is a morning show host who is willing to do anything for TRPs. She also uses her morning show to portray herself as a saviour. The show gives an insight into the morning show culture and its negative impacts on the personal lives of the viewers.

Khan began hosting morning shows in 2003, with Breakfast with Nadia on ARY Digital, which was the first of its kind in Pakistan. In 2006, she began hosting The Nadia Khan Show on Geo TV. Although Khan has not had any serious controversies on any of her shows, morning shows in Pakistan have generally been a topic of contention. Live weddings and blackface are among many topics that have been called out on morning shows, while episodes about Jinns and the supernatural have received strong criticism for promoting superstition.

While Khan may be slightly biased here — being a morning show host herself — it is true that the drama only portrays one narrative. Morning shows certainly have raised topics that have had a negative impact on society but they have also proven to be effective in raising voices for issues that otherwise would go unnoticed. They can also start important conversations, which means that there is both good and bad within the morning show culture.

But then again, Jannat Se Aagay is just a TV show at the end of the day and there’s an argument to be made about creative licence.