The Fatima Jinnah series has a gift for us this August 14 — a hauntingly beautiful OST

The Fatima Jinnah series has a gift for us this August 14 — a hauntingly beautiful OST

The first season of the series on the life of the Madr-e-Millat will include the relationship between Quaid-e-Azam and Ruttanbai.
Updated 11 Aug, 2023

Aur Digital is counting down to the release of its Fatima Jinnah series by releasing an OST on August 14 but unlike other OSTs, this doesn’t have a big-name singer — or any singer at all.

Instead, the OST, composed by Estonia-based composer Shehryar Khan, will be the musical backdrop to the series and will feature an amplified lilt of the national anthem. After listening to the OST, we can say you’re in for a treat with this haunting yet beautiful composition worthy of being in a big-budget feature film. The OST will be released on the aur digital YouTube channel.

The music for the series is actually quite interesting — filmmaker Danial K Afzal told Images that they plan to recreate some Pakistani songs for the show à la Bridgerton. This includes a song by Nazia Hassan as well as a kalam.

Afzal said they hope to release the series on Fatima Jinnah’s birthday — July 31.

The series itself is about the life of Fatima Jinnah. The three seasons will feature three different times of her life. The first season will have two volumes and 10 episodes, starting in 1910 and will include her brother, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, winning the first Muslim seat in Bombay, World War 1, the Lucknow Pact, the relationship between Jinnah and his future wife Ruttanbai Petit, and the strained relationship Fatima Jinnah had with her future sister-in-law.

Sundas Farhan will play Fatima Jinnah in the first season. The third season’s Fatima Jinnah will be played by Samiya Mumtaz but the second iteration of the character is still being kept under wraps till her contract is signed, according to Afzal. Earlier, Sajal Aly was supposed to play the role.

Other stars in the show include Usman Mukhtar as Allama Iqbal and Sarmad Khoosat as Mahatma Gandhi. We don’t know their roles yet, but everyone’s favourite couple Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmed will be sharing a screen for the first time and Kubra Khan, Saad Qureshi and Amna Ilyas will also play central roles in the series.

The actors playing Jinnah and Ruttanbai will be revealed when the OST is released on August 14.