03 Aug, 2023

The Pakistani Academy Selection Committee is inviting filmmakers to submit their films for Oscar consideration in the International Feature Film Award category for the 96th Academy Awards by September 1, 2023 5pm Pakistan Standard Time.

An international film is defined as a feature-length motion picture of over 40 minutes produced outside of the United States of America and its territories with a predominantly (more than 50 per cent) non-English dialogue track. Animated and documentary feature films are permitted.

This year’s Oscar Committee this year is chaired by Mohammed Ali Naqvi. The committee will choose one film as Pakistan’s official submission for the award. The Selection Committee comprises esteemed film professionals, filmmakers, artists, and craftspeople with expertise in the realm of motion pictures — the names of whom will be released later this month.

Since its inception in 2013, the Committee has consisted of enthusiastic volunteers who have consistently submitted a film for the category each year. The committee diligently ensures that every member individually watches the films and casts their votes, following a process akin to the Academy’s. The chair and their team then meticulously tally the votes and collaborate with the Academy to support filmmakers in submitting their films successfully.

Below is the criteria for film eligibility:

The country-selected film must be first released in the country of origin no earlier than December 1, 2022, and no later than October 31, 2023, and be first publicly exhibited for at least seven consecutive days in a commercial motion picture theatre for the profit of the producer and exhibitor. In order for films to more easily meet theatrical exhibition requirements, the Academy will allow films to qualify outside the country of origin, provided the film is theatrically exhibited outside of the United States and its territories for at least seven consecutive days in a commercial motion picture theatre for paid admission.

The film must be advertised and exploited during its qualifying theatrical release in a manner considered normal and customary to theatrical feature distribution practices. The film need not have been released in the United States.

Films that, in any version, receive a nontheatrical public exhibition or distribution before their qualifying theatrical release will not be eligible for Academy Awards consideration.

Non-theatrical public exhibition or distribution includes but is not limited to: 
 • Broadcast and cable television


• DVD distribution

• Inflight airline distribution

• Internet transmission

The recording of the original dialogue track as well as the completed picture must be predominantly (more than 50 per cent) in a language or languages other than English. Accurate, legible English language subtitles are required.

To read the complete rules, you can go to the Academy Awards website. For entry forms, submission details and queries, reach out to