Fans are confused after watching the much-anticipated latest episode of Tere Bin

Fans are confused after watching the much-anticipated latest episode of Tere Bin

The drama faced backlash over the implication of marital rape, however, the newest episode featured a 'twist' in the story that not everyone is believing easily.
25 May, 2023

Wednesday night was a mind boggling one for Tere Bin viewers as the much-anticipated episode 47 finally aired. People had low expectations from the story, but a new twist in the story has left people debating whether the plot was hastily changed following widespread backlash the creators received for the implication of a possible marital rape scene.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Tere Bin.

The episode was packed with suspense, intense emotions, and unexpected twists. In last week’s episode Meerab, played by Yumna Zaidi, slapped Murtasim, played by Wahaj Ali, and spat at his face during an argument. In response, Murtasim grew furious and pushed Meerab onto a bed and then closed the door. The sequence heavily implied that marital rape or assault would take place in the next episode. This did not go down well with viewers and the creators received intense backlash on social media. Though producer Abdullah Kadwani urged people not to jump to conclusions, Twitter users were vocal in their disappointment.

Last night’s episode finally answered the many questions that popped up in audience’s minds — it turns out the act was consensual but both characters felt guilty for their actions.

Social media platforms were abuzz with fans expressing their astonishment and disappointment with the ‘twist’. In fact, many believed that this was not the original storyline at all and were angry at the writer, Nooran Makhdoom.

Some users had hilarious takes on the ‘twist’.

Some also pointed out the low quality voice overs that didn’t match the screenplay.

Although some fans were convinced by the turn of events and defended the show.

So it seems like the show didn’t have a marital rape scene at all but that doesn’t mean the backlash wasn’t warranted. The preview made use of the implication of marital rape and that was enough to enrage viewers over the insensitive treatment of such a sensitive issue.