Ghana Ali says she would want her husband to be ‘superior’ to her in their relationship

Ghana Ali says she would want her husband to be ‘superior’ to her in their relationship

The actor discussed her marriage with Umair Gulzar, who was already married at the time of their wedding.
12 May, 2023

Actor Ghana Ali expressed her views on gender equality in a marriage and people accusing her of being a home-wrecker in a recent interview with Mathira.

The host asked her if she thinks both genders are equal, to which the Saraab actor responded, “I am an old school in this regard, I would want my husband to be superior to me in our relationship.

“Whatever my husband has gone through because of me, I would want him to be superior for the rest of my life. He’s been through a lot because of me, the people he trusted were the ones who left him because he chose to marry me. I will do whatever he tells me to.”

The actor said her husband is “an amazing father, husband and son”. “I’ve never seen a person like him.”

The actor tied the knot with businessman Umair Gulzar in an intimate ceremony in May 2021. She has been criticised by the public ever since as Gulzar was already married at the time.

Ali opened up about the accusation, saying that her husband’s first wife already knew about their relationship. “The woman knew everything, she was told before. But when it was announced, I don’t know why her reaction was this way. I was shocked at whatever had happened. I was told that she even tried suicide, I got emails, it was very toxic in the start, but I was prepared for it. I know it wasn’t easy for her as well,” she said.

“My husband said that when a person knows that they’re not happy and the relationship isn’t working out then such a reaction doesn’t make sense.”

Earlier, during a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked the Ahsaas actor why she married a married man. “Because it was in my destiny!” responded Ali. “I don’t regret it. He’s an amazing human being.”

Despite constant online hate, Ali continues to share affectionate pictures with her husband on Instagram and has defended her relationship multiple times.