Twitter may be down but VPNs reign supreme for Pakistani meme makers

Twitter may be down but VPNs reign supreme for Pakistani meme makers

Internet disruptions have been reported across the country as protests continue against the arrest of Imran Khan.
10 May, 2023

Pakistani users are dealing with multiple social media platforms being blocked amid countrywide protests over the arrest of former PM Imran Khan the best way they know how — with memes and VPNs.

Mobile broadband services have also been suspended by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) since Tuesday on the orders of the Interior Ministry. A day after, Geo reported that the PTA has said the suspension will continue for “an indefinite period”.

FYI — VPN stands for virtual private network and is an application that helps you bypass firewalls by changing your IP location.

During all this chaos, Twitter users have been making jokes, of course. Long live VPNs!

With VPNs, all of us are here and there.

VPNs have been around for a while — even back when they banned YouTube — so this user has a very valid point.

People also found it hilarious and ironic that the authorities were still using Twitter to give updates.

Everyone is using VPNs now.

Much like our fellow Twitter users, we’re laughing at the memes, not the situation. As the protests intensify and the situation grows more tense, we hope everyone is staying safe wherever they are.