Author Fatima Bhutto ties the knot in Karachi

Author Fatima Bhutto ties the knot in Karachi

Her younger brother Zulfikar announced the news on Twitter and asked for prayers.
28 Apr, 2023

Author and activist Fatima Bhutto has tied the knot in Karachi, her younger brother artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr announced on Twitter Friday night.

Fatima, the daughter of the late Murtaza Bhutto and granddaughter of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, married Graham, on Thursday at their family home of 70 Clifton.

“The ceremony was attended by Fatima’s loved ones in our grandfather’s library, a place that means a lot to my dear sister,” he wrote. “Due to the difficult circumstances felt by our fellow countrymen and women, we all felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate lavishly.”

Zulfikar asked people to keep Fatima and her husband in their prayers.

Fatima and Zulfikar raised money for flood victims by auctioning experiences this past year. They were vocal in their calls for help for people affected by the floods and Zulfikar was praised for his anti-feudalism stance after a speech at the Sindh Moorat March.