Madaari is an upcoming tale of violence, politics and revenge set in Karachi

Madaari is an upcoming tale of violence, politics and revenge set in Karachi

The Seraj Us Salikin directorial will release in cinemas on Eidul Azha this year.
21 Apr, 2023

The Pakistani film industry is constantly upping the bar with new and exciting releases. Amid the new wave of experimental cinema in the country is Madaari, an upcoming film releasing in your nearest theatres on Eidul Azha this year.

Written and directed by Seraj Us Salikin, the crime thriller explores the dichotomy of the justice system in Karachi. According to the film’s press release, it is “set in the timeline when the city was burning in political turmoil. The film looks upon the theme of revenge and what it means to the common man.

“It brings a new wave of cinema and phenomenal new performers that will surprise the audience. This clan of actors are extremely talented theatre actors transitioning on the big screen to showcase their potential to a wider audience.”

The official trailer of the film launched today on Enigma Motion Pictures’ YouTube channel.

The trailer begins with suspenseful music as a middle-aged man telling a younger man, the protagonist, that his father made the mistake of getting involved in politics. Later, we learn that his father was murdered as a result.

The thrilling tone continues as we see local elections contested by fictional political parties. The gritty and dark tone of the story is highlighted by the use of black and red in every other shot. Guns, violence and blood foreshadow the protagonist’s tumultuous journey.

According to its synopsis, Madaari tells the story of Haris, played by Ibad Alam Sher, who has not has an easy life since his father was murdered over a political rift. The only luck he has is at his father’s killer’s office. The film explores whether he chooses to take revenge or aims for a better life.

The official teaser has also been released on YouTube.

The film features young performers such as Hammad Siddiq, Ahmer Hussain and Paras Masroor who also starred in Na Maloom Afraad and Mah e Mir.

It is produced by Seraj Us Salikin under Enigma Motion Pictures, Ammar Alee Danish under Naked Eye Films and Ali Rizvi, who also acts as a co-writer, under Contentino Films. It is being distributed across Pakistan by Nabeel Ur Rehman Lutfi under the banner of Vantage Productions.