What are your controversial Pakistani drama opinions? Twitter’s got a few

What are your controversial Pakistani drama opinions? Twitter’s got a few

Humsafar is overrated? OSTs are better than the dramas themselves? Nepo babies everywhere?
23 Mar, 2023

Pakistani dramas — you either love them or hate them. There’s no in between. That’s why when a user posted a call for controversial Pakistani drama opinons on Twitter, we knew were in for some spicy reading.

It started when a user, thepctvibes, asked a simple question. This format has been used a lot recently to illicit controversial opinions — basically anything that would have that many swords at your throat.

And people did not disappoint! They had some very controversial opinions and we loved the drama! Here are some of our favourite opinions shared online — warning, they’re a lot of them.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is overrated

So is Humsafar

They’re dramas, not Ted Talks

It’s all the same old, same old

They don’t make ’em like they used to

But maybe that’s a good thing

They’re way too long

Stop Ramazan dramas already

Umera Ahmed isn’t writing good dramas anymore

Nepo babies are everywhere

But some nepo babies are better than others

No breaks after bad behaviour

Not everything is behayahi

They’re driving people mad

Suno Chanda isn’t all that great

OSTs > dramas

Stop using the same houses in every drama!

They’re VERY accurate

Except when it comes to texting

Tere Bin’s romance isn’t cringe

There are literally two female characters in dramas

Romanticising toxic male leads needs to STOP

That was a lot. What was your favourite (or least favourite) opinion?