Feroze Khan’s lawyer approaches FIA to take legal action against Muneeb Butt for ‘defamation’

Feroze Khan’s lawyer approaches FIA to take legal action against Muneeb Butt for ‘defamation’

In a written complaint, Jagirani claimed that the actor defamed him and his legal firm "without any action caused" by him.
04 Feb, 2023

Weeks after actor Feroze Khan made news for sending legal notices to actors and singers for perpetuating “false and baseless allegations” of abuse against him, his lawyer, Faique Ali Jagirani, has approached the FIA himself against actor Muneeb Butt.

Khan shared what was believed to be the legal notice on his public Instagram account. It featured the personal information of the stars, such as their personal phone numbers and, in many cases, their home addresses. He quickly deleted the post but is now subject to legal action from a number of stars for violating their privacy. Butt wasn’t on the list of stars named, however, his wife Aiman Khan was and he filed a complaint on her behalf with the FIA.

In a now expired Instagram story, Butt had advised Khan change his lawyer, accusing Jagirani of using the case to “[gain] YouTube subscribers”. He posted the comments in January. “Advocate sahab Mashallah gaining YouTube subscribers from your [Feroze Khan] case. This case will go on until he gets a silver button!”

Jagirani has now approached the FIA for action against Butt for “defaming” him and his firm.

A copy of the complaint filed at the Cyber Crime Reporting Centre in Karachi available with Images read that the complaint was submitted on Friday by Jagirani to the FIA’s cyber crime wing. “Mr Muneeb Butt who is working in showbiz industry is defaming my law firm, namely Coopers Law Firm, and myself as a lawyer, without any reason on various social media platforms such as Instagram. Such act of Muneeb Butt has violated by constitutional right saved under Article 14 of the Constitution of Pakistan of 1973, inviolability of dignity of men etc. as well his malafide intention with ulterior motives to defame me and my law firm,” he wrote.

Jagirani’s complaint said that he wants the FIA to prosecute Butt under the law as his actions are in violation of Section 24 of the PECA, 2016. He also submitted a hand-written application to the in-charge of the FIA cyber crime Karachi, requesting the initiation of legal action and an FIR against Butt.

In the written report, he accused Butt of defamation and said his act falls under criminal intimidation and appears to be a threat to him. He hoped that the authority would file an FIR against the Qalandar actor as soon as possible.

After Khan deleted the legal notice, Butt had taken to Instagram and written, “Leaking my family’s personal details on your social media trying to play smart by uploading the notice of a law firm and deleting it. Whoever is suggesting this to you has thrown you into deep trouble my friend. I feel bad for you, now you will have to face all of this… Initially I thought it’s [a] stupid mistake and waited for 24 hours but no apology or excuse proved that it was a deliberate move. I thought you were better than that, seriously. Complaint registration/verification process has been completed [and] FIA Cyber Circle has initiated the inquiry. The process has started [and] you will have to taste your own medicine. Now wait for the call.”

In the third slide of his post, he shared a photo of the cyber complaint he filed against Khan for cyber stalking in which he expressed how distressed both he and his wife Aiman have been since their private details such as their mobile phone numbers and address were revealed by Khan.

Butt’s complaint noted that his sister-in-law Minal was also mentioned in Khan’s legal notice. “Unknown numbers are calling my wife and unknown suspicious people are coming to my residence, which is [a] great security threat to me and my family. We need strict action against Feroze Khan,” read the complaint.

Though Butt was not named in the legal notice, he took to social media on behalf of his wife and sister-in-law Minal in order to take action against Khan for leaking their personal information. Other actors on the list included Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Mira Sethi, Sarwat Gilani, Yasir Hussain, Osman Khalid Butt and Farhan Saeed.