30 Jan, 2023

Married YouTubers Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy (Saher) have decided to take some time off and reevaluate their relationship. Idrees would like to be left alone during this break, separate from other problems involving his wife and family.

On Monday, he shared the news on his Instagram story. “I would like to announce that me and Froggy are taking some time away from each other in our relationship. Please don’t involve me in issues concerning Froggy, Rabail or any of the other family members. I appreciate some privacy during this difficult time,” he wrote.

The couple are Canada-based YouTubers and currently have a following of 2.21 million and 844,000 subscribers respectively. They have been embroiled in controversy quite a few times. In 2019, Froggy was allegedly attacked by one of Ducky Bhai’s fans (Ducky Bhai and Idrees were not on good terms at the time) at one of the meet and greets the couple had in Pakistan.

In 2021, they accused Canadian cafe chain Demetres of Islamophobic behaviour, claiming that they refused the couple and their hijabi family service because of their faith. The food chain released a statement saying there had been a misunderstanding and it was actually because of Covid-19 protocols. The internet was not sure of who they should believe but some people called out the internet celebrities for faking the incident and undermining real Islamophobia.

The couple tied the knot four years ago and have two children, Sierra, two, and Shanaya, four months. Idrees also has another daughter, Dua, 10, from his previous marriage.