Pepsi’s #RideForChange brings hundreds of women bike riders to advocate for positive change

Pepsi’s #RideForChange brings hundreds of women bike riders to advocate for positive change

The campaign encouraged women from all walks of life to come together and reclaim public spaces to make their lives easier.
Updated 31 Jan, 2023

Around a month ago, Pepsi’s popular campaign Why Not Meri Jaan was seen making a striking reappearance that took a somewhat different spin on its narrative.

With Pepsi’s recent TVC, we’re seeing the brand take on a fresh approach to turn the narrative towards an important conversation: the need for us to unseat gender-specific roles in society and truly change our mindsets to keep up with changing times.

Check out the TVC here:

Waqt kay saath agar soch bhi badli jaa sakti hai, tou #WhyNotMeriJaan?

In line with this thought, on a breezy Sunday morning of January 22, Pepsi organised a massive female bike riders rally in Karachi called #RideForChange which was quite a spectacle.

See for yourself:

400+ female bikers, including Pakistan’s first and very renowned Motorcycle Girl Zenith Irfan, attended the rally to applaud and support the cause.

“Let’s continue to break barriers and show the world that girls can ride just as fiercely as anyone else”, says Zenith Irfan.

Along with many other female celebs and influencers, we spotted the talented Kubra Khan and the absolutely funny and cheerful Amtul Baweja.

In her latest post, Kubra Khan said such positive change in society is essential and incredible to witness.

Check this:

Posing with her bike and showing off incredible content creation skills was Amtul Baweja who took to her Instagram to say that she’s proud to witness so many female bikers conquering public spaces in the city of Karachi.

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What was truly admirable about this entire event was the fact that a special training session was organised by the Sindh Police for aspiring female riders who wished to receive formal training. They also received a learner’s permit at the end of their training.

Check this:

We say Pepsi has served us with plenty of food for thought. We’re seeing a rise in advocacy for female bike riders in Pakistan, and subsequently a proactive effort to change traditional mindsets around gender roles.

Also present at the event to support his female fans and friends from the industry was actor Adnan Malik who said he’s a big supporter of women occupying public space and encourages them to unseat the idea that it is only men who can take charge of such activities and spaces.

Check out what he has to say:

Present at the event to encourage and celebrate female bikers was Mrs. Zulqarnain, a professional motorcyclist from Pink Riders. She said bike riding is one of the most simplest and easiest modes of commute, which can be both challenging and adventurous. In her words, “Log kehtay thay larkyan bike nahi chalasukti, is cheez ne mughay aur motivate kiya kyunke why not meri jaan!” [people used to say women cannot ride bikes. This motivated me to say why not meri jaan!]

It’s refreshing to witness mindsets evolving and a heavily male-dominated society opening up to the idea of women taking charge and riding bikes.

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