Kangana Ranaut says Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan shows Pakistan, ISI in a ‘positive light’

Kangana Ranaut says Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan shows Pakistan, ISI in a ‘positive light’

The actor said it's a credit to "India's love and inclusiveness" that a film like Pathaan is doing well there despite its 80% Hindu population.
27 Jan, 2023

A day after Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan was declared a resounding success at the Indian box office, fellow actor Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter with her customary twisted logic and said though the film may be a success, it paints “enemy” Pakistan in a good light.

On Friday, Ranaut, who has recently returned to Twitter after being banned, tweeted, “All those who are claiming Pathaan is triumph of love over hate, I agree but whose love over whose hate? Let’s be precise, who is buying tickets and making it a success? Yes, it is India’s love and inclusiveness where 80 per cent Hindus live and yet a film called Pathaan.”

The Dhaakad actor said the film shows “enemy nation Pakistan and ISIS in good light”. Later, she corrected ISIS to ISI.

Ranaut wrote that Pathaan is running successfully and credited its success to the “spirit of India” that goes beyond hate and judgement. “It is the love of India that has triumphed hate and petty politics of enemies. But for all those who have high hopes, please note that Pathaan will only be a film, as the country will still roar with Jai Shri Ram,” she wrote.

“I do believe Indian Muslims are patriotic and very different from Afghan Pathans … the crux is India will never be Afghanistan, we all know what is happening in Afghanistan, it’s beyond hell there, so apt name for the movie Pathaan according to its storyline is the Indian Pathan,” Ranaut said.

In response to a parody account that claimed Pathaan’s single day earning was more than Ranaut’s lifetime earnings, she shared that she had mortgaged “every single thing” she owns for her upcoming film Emergency.

Ranaut had earlier commented on Pathaan’s success during a press conference and said that such films should work at the box office. According to the Indian Express, at a wrap party for Emergency, Ranaut told reporters, “Pathaan acha kar rahi hai. Aisi films chalni chahiye aur I feel ki jo hamare Hindi cinema wale piche reh gaye hain, har insaan apne level pe koshish kar raha hai [Pathaan is doing very well. I feel films like this should do well, and we’re all trying to do what we can to revive Hindi cinema].”

Pathaan marks SRK’s comeback to a lead role after four years. Helmed by Siddharth Anand, Pathaan is a spy thriller that also stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Dimple Kapadia in pivotal roles.