19 Jan, 2023

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for Big Boss star Rakhi Sawant with her marriage drama and now an arrest. Indian media has reported that the actor was detained in Mumbai over an FIR filed by Indian actor Sherlyn Chopra.

According to India Today, Sawant was arrested by the Amboli police on Thursday. She was, reportedly, to launch her dance academy in partnership with her husband Adil Durrani on the same day at 3pm. Chopra had registered a complaint against the dancer over alleged defamation in November.

A few months earlier, Sawant slammed Chopra for her statement against Indian director Sajid Khan who was accused of sexual harassment by women. Chopra was at the Juhu Police Station on October 29 to record her statement against the filmmaker. In conversation with the media, she alleged that actor Salman Khan is protecting the filmmaker. In response, Sawant defended Sajid and bashed Chopra for her statement. She told the paparazzi that the police knows which complaint has merit and which doesn’t. Chopra then filed an FIR against her for alleged defamation.

Sawant also filed a counter-case against Chopra at a Mumbai police station, according to PTI. She said that Chopra had uploaded videos on her social media accounts accusing her of changing boyfriends. She also made objectionable remarks against her and used abusive language, according to reports.

“I am really sad to say that due to the comments made by her about me there has been turmoil in my life. Because of her, my recent boyfriend has asked me whether there is any truth in what Sherlyn is saying, do I really have 10 boyfriends. She just came and said whatever she wanted to in the media and now I have to pay for it,” she said.

Sawant recently revealed she married her boyfriend Durrani in a nikah ceremony. He denied it at first but later confirmed that they are husband and wife.