Meesha Shafi teases first look from Mustache, an Imran J Khan film set to premiere at SXSW

Meesha Shafi teases first look from Mustache, an Imran J Khan film set to premiere at SXSW

The film also stars Atharva Verma, Rizwan and Ayana Manji, Alicia Silverstone, Hasan Minhaj, Shaheryar Rana, Chris River and Mojeane Sadr.
12 Jan, 2023

Meesha Shafi has many feathers in her cap, including that of an actor. She just shared the first look of her character from upcoming film Mustache and judging from the teaser, the movie has everything we want to see.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Shafi shared first look of her character and wrote, “So excited to announce that this beautiful film I did with so many beautiful and hardworking people has been selected in the ‘Narrative Feature Competition’ section at the prestigious SXSW this year!”

She also wrote that she couldn’t have asked for a better team than the one for Mustache as she finds all of them “amazing”. The movie also stars Atharva Verma, Rizwan Manji, Ayana Manji, Alicia Silverstone of Clueless, Hasan Minhaj, Shaheryar Rana, Chris River and Mojeane Sadr.

Rizwan also teased another look with Shafi on Instagram and wrote, “Some really exciting news!!! Mustache will be premiering at SXSW this March! Here are some first look photos. Both Ayana and I are in this movie and it is one of the best scripts I have ever read. I hope you all get to see it. See you in Austin in March.”

Mustache is award-winning shorts director Imran J Khan’s first feature film and is largely autobiographical. According to Deadline, it is about an eccentric 13-year-old boy, Ilyas (played by Verma), who sets off to navigate the social hierarchy of his new California public school with a moustache his parents will not allow him to shave off.

Rizwan plays Ilyas’ father while Shafi his mother and Ayana his schoolfriend Yasmeen.

As an actor, Shafi has previously worked in To Strike, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mira Nair’s thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist.


NYS Jan 12, 2023 04:13pm
I assumed in first glimpse that Meesha adopt this persona permanently
Kashif ALI Jan 12, 2023 07:24pm
Notwithstanding her talent, she did tarnish her respect by levelling sexual harassment accusations against someone. In her field, touching, cuddling, caressing, hugging are just norm that she already does understand. Such pseudo-celebrities does have impact on public at large which can neither be ignored nor escape the repecussions.
Ehsan Jan 12, 2023 07:54pm
Hope Pakistanis continue to flourish all over the world
Rehana Bounse Jan 12, 2023 11:53pm
@Kashif ALI do you have to respond in this way. Why can’t you be happy for other people. Bringing up the old grievances. You very well know Pakistan is a male dominated society so even if her accusations were true people would not believe them ( a woman has a very strong intuition about people especially men ).
HumanA Jan 13, 2023 01:42am
Hard to even consider watching after her accusation.
imran_m Jan 13, 2023 07:55am
She can regain respect with a simple apology.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 13, 2023 03:15pm
Bring it on.