Updated 06 Jan, 2023

We appreciate everyone who sends in articles for publication to the various sections of DAWN. Since we receive scores of such contributions every day, contributions must be sent to the relevant section where the writers want their articles to be published.

Contributors are requested not to send the same article to different section of DAWN or to other newspapers simultaneously.

While every effort will be made to acknowledge receipt of contributions, if an article or letter is not printed or acknowledged within a week of its receipt, it is unlikely to be published.

To contribute to Dawn Images, please send us your CV and links to any published articles. If your work has not been published, you may send us a writing sample. 

Include a 100 to 200-word pitch for the article you want to write. If we think the pitch is suitable for Images, we will contact you. We may also develop the idea further with you.   Do keep in mind that we can only assure publication of your work after we have reviewed the final article.

You can send your pitches and article submissions to