Dove Pakistan is all set for its first tech tangent via digital collectibles

Dove Pakistan is all set for its first tech tangent via digital collectibles

The Dove digital collectible is a token that unlocks damage-free hair and turns the collectible artwork into a reality.
Updated 04 Nov, 2022

Leading global personal care brand, Dove has worked for decades towards embracing real beauty and confidence for women around the world. Dove Pakistan is now stepping into the future by launching its first-ever digital collectible (Non-Fungible Token).

Through its range of shampoos and conditioners, Dove Pakistan has always focused on providing women with solutions for damaged hair.

The Dove digital collectible campaign encourages consumers to start a journey of healing—not hiding—and see a part of their journey envisioned through art. The idea is simple, relatable, and future-ready.

The Dove digital collectible is a token that unlocks damage-free hair and turns the collectible artwork into a reality for consumers.

To win the collectible, they must sign up; Dove will select 10 lucky winners through a lucky draw. These lucky winners can show their digital collectible at a salon to get a free nourishing hair treatment and a one-year supply of Dove shampoo.

This is an innovative step to help women see and experience what it feels like to wear their hair worry-free and with confidence.

Digital art is opening up new avenues for consumers, allowing them to gain sole proprietorship of digital artwork. Conventionally, digital art enthusiasts require cryptocurrency or digital wallets to acquire digital artwork.

However, Dove Pakistan has simplified the process by using a quicker, more user-friendly and engaging approach. With a simple, one-click sign-up, enthusiasts can be part of the lucky draw that will randomly choose ten lucky winners in December 2022. The digital collectible will be sent to the winners via email for them to collect.

Adil Hussain, Unilever Director Marketing - Hair Care, spoke about the NFT collectible. He said, “As a marketing team, we’re in a constant loop of testing and learning with an objective to delight our consumers by providing them new, exciting, and relevant ways to interact with their favorite shampoo brand. The Dove digital collectible campaign that's making use of NFTs to promote branded digital art, along with many other incentives, is just another example in that same journey. We’re excited to be one of the first brands in Pakistan to actively use NFTs in a digital campaign.”

Speaking on the initiative, and why celebrating real beauty and women’s confidence is central to the brand ethos, Humza Mahfooz and Sundus Altaf of Dove Pakistan’s Brand Team said, “Our digital collectibles are just a unique way to let our consumers know that Dove Shampoo’s unique formulation can help repair and nourish damaged hair and bring back confidence in every aspect of life, both real and virtual.”

Speaking on next-gen technologies and creating brands beyond marketing, Amanpreet Singh, Unilever Global Media Lead (Metaverse and Web3), said, "At Unilever, we are always trying to push the envelope of marketing and find meaningful ways to connect with our consumers through unmissable ideas using innovative technologies. The Dove Digital Collectible campaign is a step further in this endeavor, where we're using NFTs to drive brand messaging and, in turn, reward our consumers with long-term utility. Beyond marketing, we see next-gen technologies like NFTs as a gateway to open new possibilities of consumer engagement and brand advocacy through limited edition packs, gamification, and loyalty programs built with blockchain-backed benefits."

“This campaign couldn’t have come together without the help of our partners,” Humza Mahfooz and Sundus Altaf added.

Dove Pakistan's creative partners, Team Reactivate, also expressed their excitement for the campaign by saying, “This journey into the world of NFTs is as exciting as it’s necessary. While the segment of NFT users is small, it’s one that’s growing. It’s important to keep pace with digital and technological advancements, pre-empt where our users will be, and find ways to create relevance and connect with them right where they are. As the world steps into the digital universe, Dove wants to be the first of its kind in Pakistan to initiate this journey hand-in-hand with the rest of the world.”

The Dove digital collectible is minted on Polygon, which has reached carbon neutrality by partnering with KlimaDAO, a decentralised collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs.

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