Top reasons why signing up on Dil Ka Rishta might be a good idea

Top reasons why signing up on Dil Ka Rishta might be a good idea is out normalising safe and secure ways of finding potential partners.
Updated 02 Nov, 2022

Online matchmaking is on the rise these days with social media becoming the way of life rather than just a means for entertainment.

With this arguably newfound interest in social media comes the demand for wanting to meet potential suitors virtually rather than traditionally, and with that come a host of apprehensions and doubts, and a large variety of matrimonial apps.

Gaining popularity rapidly, 'Dil Ka Rishta' is one platform that is connecting people to find their best matches using safe and secure online methods.

Here's a list of reasons why we feel you should check it out:

There's no chance of getting catfished

The first thought that comes to mind when signing up for an online platform out to connect us with matches is the fear of getting catfished.

Haven't we all heard countless stories about people - especially women - getting catfished on matrimonial or dating apps? On, all profiles go through a two-step screening process which includes a phone-call verification & in-person verification.

It's always a good idea to ditch the rishta trolley and phupo ka beta sitch

This one's a no-brainer. If like us you'd do anything to get yourself out of a rishta aunty's database, you've got to give matrimonial apps a shot.

Apps like DilKaRishta ensure those aunties and their intrusive questions about your life(style) stay miles away from you and your mental peace. is not geo-locked

Doesn't it get frustrating to find out that the match-making app you've just started to get a hang of is strictly geo-locked?

Most dating and matrimonial applications out in the market allow you to only match with suitors that are located near you or in a zone that you're currently in. But on, there are no limits (quite literally) to finding the right match from any city, any country of the world.

The platform is big on providing women with safe e-spaces

One of the worst nightmares of the digital age is privacy invasion; think photo and chat leaks?

But with you don't have to worry about that because,

  • The app blocks the screenshot feature instantly

  • Has a strict system in place to block number-sharing

  • Boots out underage individuals from using the app

The app aims to ensure you meet the right partner in as little time as possible

While signing up, requires a detailed form to be filled out, which includes info on the kind of partner you're looking for.

The algorithm then uses this information to strictly match you with the most suitable individuals present in their database.

The app does everything to ensure our cultural tastes and boundaries remain intact

Now who wouldn't want to have that perfect How I Met Your Mother/Father tale for the kids?

Because this app has all the right features and systems in place, you won't feel awkward about telling people the real story of how you met your significant other.

The platform lends just the right notes from cultural and modern ways of matchmaking to ensure we have an exciting story to reveal to our friend circle and future family.

Check it out here.

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