Going local: These seven local perfumes are the perfect alternatives to expensive high-end fragrances

From Sapphire to Bonanza and Colish, these brands offer perfumes ranging from woody to fruity and sweet notes while being long-lasting and local.
08 Aug, 2022

If there’s one thing the government’s short-lived import ban taught us, it’s the importance of buying local. With the price of just about everything going up, we decided to go on the hunt for local alternatives to our favourite products and found that there are several local alternatives to high-end perfumes that are not only pocket-friendly but also long-lasting.

We found brands like Khaadi, Outfitters, Maria B, Junaid Jamshed, Bonanza Satrangi, Colish and more that have their own signature scents. While many blew us away for their unique scents, some got us for their longevity and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Here are seven perfumes from six local brands that you should give a try.

1. Khaadi

Called Bold, this perfume is ideal for everyday use. Not only is it fresh, it’s got a mix of fruity, strong and floral. Some musk notes make it dry down stronger than others available at Khaadi, which is why it’s at the top of our list.

2. Bonanza Satrangi

Crossing Bonanza’s perfume kiosk at a mall is an experience and while you’ll be lured in by the captivating scents, you’ll be sold on how long-lasting they are. Don’t be turned off by the not-so-cute packaging and give some perfumes a try. The two we enjoyed were Charisma and Panache. Both have floral notes — Panache has a stronger Jasmine scent while Charisma has a fresh rose scent.

3. J.

If we had to pick our favourite from J.’s collection for women, it would be Janan. Not only is the bottle beautiful to look at, but the scent is a mix of musk and notes of vanilla. Many soft and subtle scents tend to fade but this one lasts all day, which makes it a perfect gift — for yourself or your best friend!

4. Sapphire

If we had to compare Sapphire’s Diamond to another perfume, we’d say Versace Bright Crystal. But with a Rs2,990 price tag. With the same notes as a high end perfume, Sapphire’s Diamond is a must for those who enjoy fruity, citrusy scents.

5. Colish

More oud, less sweet and fruity, Colish’s Oud Night Out has the perfect base for a heavy and strong perfume. Its top notes includes pear, strawberry, raspberry and bergamot paired with oud itself but we wish it had some notes of cherry to add more depth to it.

6. Maria B

We had our sights on two perfumes at Maria B — Amethyst and Gaia — but Gaia won us over with its warm, yet strong scent that is really long-lasting and doesn’t wane. We suggest you apply both on your wrist and smell it until it dries down to make your choice.

Gaia has warm cedarwood notes with peach and narcissus while Amethyst has aquatic notes with mandarin, black pepper, neroli, tonka and white musk.