Ali Xeeshan pays tribute to Shabnam and Madam Noor Jehan with his latest collection Shabo Shehzadi

Published 01 Oct, 2022 03:23pm

Images Staff

His new campaign sees actor Ayeza Khan by the gol gappa cart in a lime yellow embellished dress from his collection, lip syncing to 'Karara Gol Gappa' from 1984 film Naseebon Wali.

<p>Photo: Ali Xeeshan /Instagram</p>

Photo: Ali Xeeshan /Instagram

Ace fashion designer Ali Xeeshan is known for his rather eclectic taste but even more for his fantastic campaigns. We last saw him as the ladies master while his models gave us a taste of Punjabi tappa. Now, the designer is using fashion to pay tribute to veteran actor Shabnam and Madam Noor Jehan who voiced the song ‘Karara Gol Gappa’.

On Friday, the designer dropped a video for his campaign featuring actor Ayeza Khan in a lime yellow embellished suit from Xeeshan’s festive collection. The dress has pink and green accents and silver handwork that Khan donned with a pulled back hairdo and gold statement earrings.

Xeeshan described his new festive line as “an emotion of joy, a celebration and excitement of simpler things in life,” that reflects in every piece of his unstitched collection that will be available to purchase on October 7.

He added, “Paying homage to the fabulous Shabnum jee and Madam Noor Jehan, our new campaign Shabo Shehzadi celebrates all the legends of the Pakistani film Industry.”

The campaign video features him in a similar yellow coloured kurta and Khan dancing to the tune of the 1984 classic as she pushed her cart with the name “Shabo Shehzadi Gol Gappay” with a picture of Sultan Rahi, Rangeela, former premier Imran Khan and Akhtar Rasool on the push cart.

Shabnam was the face of the song ‘Karara Gol Gappa’, which was sung by the Queen of Melody for the 1984 film Naseebon Wali starring Mohammad Ali, Nadeem, Mustafa Qureshi and comedian Nanha. It was directed by Hassan Askari.